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The Daily Thread Wednesday May 7th, 2008

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Its Hump Day for most everyone today!!

But its only Wednesday?? This week is seeming really long for some reason!

Waking up to overcast skies and a cold front on the verge of moving it this morning. Also my neck/shoulders very stiff/sore this morning from loading and unloading 800 pounds of landscaping stone yesterday morning.

Trying to do a few things around the house before setting off today and Bakker is waiting for me to finish my cereal so he can lick the bowl.

Have a good one!!
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Morning cat peeps! Just checking in from Ottawa...

The trip has been amazing..alot of crazy news this weekend...I will post about it in another thread.

Josh is great, we went to his church with his mom on Sunday and it was pretty cool. They sing and dance and everything..Josh even holds a mic and leads . We spent one night at his dads cottage with his dad..and we just relaxed and did cottagey stuff. That was nice because we got to drive for hours alone together . Things are just getting better

I am meeting his grandma tomorrow and Saturday he is coming to my moms place for dinner. So we still have a good amount of time together.

My friends are doing great..we went and saw a movie last night, and last Saturday my one friend had a housewarming party so I brought Josh along and they all met him. They like him..say he is a gentleman, but of course I already knew that

So, I hope everyone is doing well around here..I must be getting in the shower to get ready for my prince.

Talk to ya'll soon!
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Morning cat people.

We are taking Lucky to the vet for a check-up plus he has a small lump on his back. DH is going to BBQ since he called out today (taking Lucky to the vet was part of the deal). We have to finish our veggy garden too.

Been doing a lot of garden stuff and cleaning around the house. The weather has been beautiful so the cats and I have been enjoying the backyard. Cello loves playing Da Bird out there.

Well off to start another wonderful day.

Nat where is that other thread????
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Morning All!!!

Little late arriving at the thread today, am off work today and the kitties actually let me sleep in which was a huge surprise.

I also think I was a little sleepy because the Doctor is trying me on some new meds for my joint issues and that's one of the side effects...They do seem to be helping though so

It is raining like crazy here today and we had thunderstorms earlier. Good day to stay in and vegetate which is what I am planning to do..I already throw the fixings for chili into the crock pot so I got dinner covered as well..

Kitties are good this morning, happy to have me home since they are all laying under my desk on my feet..Who needs socks

Everyone have a great day
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