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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, May 7th!

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Good morning! Here's the question of the day, for Wednesday, May 7th!

Are you afraid of the dentist?

This is rather timely, as I'm going to my dentist in about an hour. I have a tooth that had a root canal done on it about 27 years ago. The crown keeps falling off, so he needs to put some kind of pin in the remaining tooth shell, build it up, and put a new crown on it. Geesh....I hope my tax relief refund gets here soon...cuz this sounds pretty expensive!

I'm not particularly afraid of the dentist...he's really a nice guy, very professional, and very gentle. My wallet, on the other hand, is absolutely terrified of him!!!
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afraid no.

however i HATE having people in my face, can no stand it.
i need to have a tooth pulled, that a old filling broke apart,
but not going , until i cant take the pain anymore.

lol i would just as soon.. err cant say that. on a family site
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I'm terrified of the dentist!! Sharp things in my mouth.. uh uh, no way!! Won't stand for any of it. This is why I was put to sleep for 4½ hours while they did all the dental work I desperately needed.
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I am terrified of going to the dentist!
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I can think of better things to do, but i go because i like my teeth Tom my dentist knows i hate any sort of pain so he knows to put the numbing gel on my gum if i need an injection.
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No problems with the dentist office at all. Expcept of course the hygenist is asking questions about various stuff when she is doing the cleaning and its kind of hard to respond back!!
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nope..never been afraid - my SO on the other hand...
is very scared
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I love going to the dentist, always have since I was little. I am, however, absolutely petrified of having my wisdom teeth pulled. I was supposed to get them done a year ago but wussed out. I don't know that I'll work up the courage this summer either.
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Not really afraid of the dentist, I'm just afraid of any pain
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When I was young yes......

Now I don´t have remedy........
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yea... i have an bad gag reflex so i hate anyone poking around in there. Which sucks cuz i kind of need to go
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Not afraid of having my teeth cleaned or even getting a cavity filled but since I have never had anything else done besides cleanings and fillings I would be afraid to have a tooth pulled or a root canal.
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No, I'm not afraid. Being there is just uncomfortable and boring.
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I'm more afraid of what he's going to charge than of what he's going to do to me.
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I used to be!!!! I had an evil dentist who would make me bleed and bleed. Now I got to a different dentist and I have yet to bleed! She so nice and I'm not afraid any more!
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Its the pain Im afraid of and my dentist is VERY aware of it
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Nope not a all...
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Terribly. I've got a chipped front tooth....smack where everyone sees it & I'm too afraid to go to the dentist to have it fixed. Need my wisdom teeth out, too.
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I don't mind the dentist. The people there are nice. I don't look forward to going but it doesn't bother me.
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I'm afraid of anesthesia! I sort of panic.

My dentist is super-awesome. I've had fillings done with only the topical anesthetic. I'm supposed to have a new dentist with my health plan... but I'm afraid of going to the new dentist.

I enjoy eating and smiling, so I don't avoid going. It's much better to catch problems before they get bigger, more painful, and more expensive
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Afraid is not the right word. However, I have enough bad experiences going back half a century to make it very hard for me to establish a trusting relationship with a dentist. The last one of those I had ended 13 years ago when she decided to stay home and be a mother to her kids. I've seen two since then, for a couple of years each, before my negative feelings became too large. It's too many years since I have been, and I know I need a bunch of work done, but I'm not going back to the last one, and haven't got off the pot to find a new one. I really should do that while I'm still working and have a dental plan to cover at least some of it.
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I hate going to the dentist. I had an emergency root canal last monday. I got a temp. crown yesterday, and today i have to go back and have two fillings done

In two weeks i get my permenant crown and i still have to go back and get one more filling after that. So yea, i'm about sick of going to the dentist so much recently!

My teeth are incredably sensitive- so i use sensodyne toothpaste on a regular basis- but even for them to do a cleaning- they have to use a topical ointment to numb me before they can even clean- they're painfully sensitive

I hate the sound of the drills and the pain/sensitivity - but thankfully i have an excellent dentist who tries to be as painless as possible (and doesn't mind me listening to my ipod when he uses a drill!). For me though the worst part is the cost- dentists are WAY too expensive!
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I'm not too terribly afraid of going to the dentist. I had braces in middle school and high school so I am used to having hardware in there and having someone prod around in my mouth. Also, I used to be a dental assistant so I am familiar with the whole process and know exactly when the hygienist or dentist is going to do before they do it. I brush and floss meticulously so my cleanings never take very long. I had my first cavity a couple of years ago and I was rather nervous about getting it filled, but it was a breeze. Having a good dentist makes all the difference.

Of course, the above refers strictly to regular dental visits. I am downright terrified of dental surgery. I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth pulled after I had my braces removed, but never did. My husband had his wisdom teeth pulled last year and I thought that I'd finally have it done as well. The surgery was difficult for him, however, so I chickened out all over again.
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I used to be afraid. But then I got older and started to appreciate having real teeth.

Also a few years ago I switched to a new dentist that is young and schooled on the latest techniques.

And this dentist is also a she. Don't know if that makes a difference but either way I like her.
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I'm not afraid, but I would rather be somewhere else
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No, I don't mind the dentist!
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Haha, I just went there today for a cleaning.

I'm only afraid of going if I have to have something done that I think is going to hurt.. which I've hardly had to do, just a few cavities, and I hate getting shots..

I haven't gotten my wisdom teeth out yet, and I know I'll be afraid when that time comes..
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no, am not!
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Going to the dentist is certainly not my favorite thing to do. It's one of those "dread it, but have to go through with it" deals, if I want to keep my teeth in good condition. The worst thing I've ever had done was having a crown put on, when a molar with a large filling cracked. I'm sure I'd be a lot more resistant about going if they did anything worse than that!
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I'm not AFRAID of the dentist, I just despise going to the dentist. Last time they didn't even fix my cavity correctly. Arghhh.
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