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Cat Temperature Question

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I have a question about my kitty, Spike. He is a kitty I rescued at 4 weeks of age.(he is 6 1/2 months old now). He was here for 2 days, and got a partial bowel obstruction. Turns out, he was eating grain hulls and wood chips, as he had NOTHING to eat and was abandoned at an old grain mill(my POOR baby!!!). The Vet was wonderful with him, and got him past all that. He seems to have a VERY sensitive stomach now, and even now, when he uses the litter box, cries. I THINK it is because the "sensation" of going to the bathroom, sort of cramps him up, and it reminds him of the pain he had with the bowel obstruction. At any rate, when he seems to have stomach cramps, he is SO crabby and aggressive. Also I noticed the past few days, his little ears and his nose seem really warm. Is that indicative of a temperature in a cat? I can't IMAGINE trying to get a rectal temp on this little guy--he can be a WILDMAN --and that is NO exaggeration! So, wondered if, since I noticed the warmth in his ears/nose, if it would be something I would need to contact the vet about? --OR, am I being just an overprotective Mom here?!
Thanks so much for your help on this! I think this website is so cool!!
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Contact the vet! That is what he is their for. But besides the temp thing you need to make sure he isnt having more problems considering the bathroom behavior you described.
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Actually a warm nose and ears are not a good way to gauge temperature. There is a new thermometer out that goes in the ear- not all the way in the ear, and might be the way to go with him.

I would also test him out on some canned pumpkin (uncooked) just give him a little bit of it at a time to see he takes to it or not, but it will help move his bowel better. Poor kitty!

Here is the url for the thermometer

Pet Temp
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Thanks so much for the replies on this! I did look at that instant temp--and it does look like a good thing.... Now, to save up for that!! I was giving him the Purina Hairball Control food, but it seems like it makes him go too much--and too loose(and he does not have hairballs. I just thought it would make him be able to go to the bathroom a little easier with that). So I might mix it, to tone it down some for him. I think it might cramp him up, as it has higher fiber than regular catfood. I think I will call the Vets and see what they say tomorrow. I SURE do wish kitties could talk!!! --Thanks again!
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hope you baby feels better!!
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