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why dont people ever listen.

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we have a company chat software.
It helps make it more easy to talk to people overseas, then by phone alot of time.

One lady that i deal with all the time, and i kinda see as a friend. was going into a alot of personal details about hmm her personal life.

such as the date she has the other night. I sent her a email from my outside personal account to her personal account. I suggeted she read it.

however she kept going on,about her date , and well how things went from there..

what was in my email..this

please change to yahoo or msn. The client chat software recordes all chat conversations. I dont yet have the password to the new server. SOOOO, just about anyone with web admin rights here can read everything your telling me..

2 hours later i get a answer from her

i did try to warn her. oh well
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At least you tried to warn her...DH company software does the same thing--he came home one day and told me to talk about personal stuff on another messenger not his work chat
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well it's her own fault! She'll know for next time, won't she?
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Yup, that's what happens when people won't listen
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Well, you know, common sense is a super-power these days.
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I think that being able to listen is as important as being able to speak. The trouble is that too many people think talking is more important.
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Oh my
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lol i had a talk with her once i got home.
she was telling me i should have said something...
my aswer was , did you not see my im that said, i suggest you read my email i just sent before you keep talking. she said yes she had seen that, but i had only said it once.

lol said it once, that was enough
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why should you have to keep repeating yourself over and over like a stuck record until she got the point? I agree, once was enough!
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Well, at least she didn't send you any naked pictures!
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now that could have been very entertaining!! More's the point, it's a good thing you didn't send HER any naked pictures!! Now THAT would have been even MORE entertaining!
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