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I'm not getting my Ocicat after all...

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Sue (the breeder of my Oci) had decided that I could have Star (Wildtracks Night Crossing, who became a GP this season) after all, but I've decided that when I move to FL, I won't have the time or space for her to be happy. I wrote to Sue and told her this, and she told me that in the future, if I ever want another Oci from her, she'll give me one, free of charge.


I feel so sad, but I know I'm doing what's best for her...
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That's a shame, but at least you realised it now and not after you got her. I hope you can get one in the future, they are fantastic cats
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Aww was looking forward for you to get her. Hopefully things will change soon after you move and you'll be able to get one. You won't regret it. But will warn you that they are addictive
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Thanks, guys. I knew you two would be the main two who would have the most to say about it. ;D

I'm sure she'll have a great home wherever she goes. She's a lovely cat, and will be loved by any and all who meet her. <3333
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That is a responsible decision, but I am sorry you are not getting kitty kitty. I know it is for the best though.
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I predict in the next few years she will have one or two Oci's
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That's so sad you didn't get your Ocicat. But doing right by the cat will provide better karma in the future I'm sure. Good luck getting one in the future.

So glad I found this thread! I've been looking into getting an Ocicat, but where I live (Northern California) there is only one breeder to be found so far, in Napa. Do you think having a cat travel vary far is bad?

Also, I have a Manx girl that I love, and was wondering if they are at all similar in tempermant and would they get along?
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Jack will be flying from West Virginia to Minnesota. We drove 6 hrs to pick up Charlie and go back home - so traveling with a 4 month old kitten should not be a problem.

I know there are a few Oci breeders in California - not just one. If you want breeders, pm me and I'll give you the websites. Friends of ours in Minnesota have two Oci's from one of the California breeders.

As far as Manx and an Oci. They would get along, but you have to remember Oci's are very active cats and unless the Manx is young and fairly active, the Oci may become bored or pick on the Manx to get him/her to play more. If you can, adopt two Oci kittens together

We have a mixed breed (Ling) and Charlie expects her to play when he wants to....Ling has other ideas. That's one of the reasons we are getting another Oci boy. And Ling and Charlie are only a year apart in age
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Most cats travel well....2 of my foundations will be flying around 20 hours from the US to Malaysia!
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It is good of you to consider the cat's well being before your wants. I know it is disappointing, but things happen for a reason. Good luck on your move.
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