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this is my life

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my life, wake up, feed fish, feed cats, clean litter box. go to work come home feed cats, clean litter box pet and or play with said cats. feed fish.Play some video game go to bed. Pet cats again. Go to sleep. Wake up pet cats some more. GO back to sleep.

then repeat.

i am thinking i need a job with less hours.
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I'm sure the cats would appreciate that - then you could have some more "pet and play with said cats" time in there
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lol you know how hard it to take over the world. or commit crimes in GTA 4 with 2 cats in your lap? . haha..

well i guess the good news, its, fish dont expect you to pet them
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Your post made me think about the sheer regularity of my days - get up, feed cats, go to study, write 1000 words while various cats vie to distract me, take dogs out, go to shops and buy supper ingredients, cook supper with assistance of incredibly helpful cats, potter in garden if not raining, feed cats while listening to the news on radio, collect 'shared cat' Stanley from ninety year old neighbour Olive, have bath in company of Michael and Sebastian who love to dip their tails into the water, eat supper with chap, watch TV with chap and cats, bed and the usual undignified battle to persuade cats to give up at least a little space. Sleep and repeat. But I wouldn't have it any other way!
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Yours and mine both - get woken up by cats, get up, feed cats, clean box, so to work, remember I've not fed myself because I've been too busy feeding fed cats come home, look for new job, eat, go to bed. same old same old nearly every day!
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Ahhh, the non-exciting life of law-abiding citizens Just when I think that my life could be considered boring, I read a little more thoroughly the police reports in our client's files or perhaps they call collect from jail, and then I think....ahhh, think I'll settle for mundane, thank you very much
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