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Question about spaying

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Bella's kittens are 6 weeks old now. Bella is definately in heat again. This is her 2nd heat cycle since the kittens have been born. Bella's kittens are eating dry food, drinking water, litter box trained and yet they are still nursing with mama. I would like to get her spayed right away. I called and spoke with the vet about this over the weekend. I was completely shocked that they said a spay is 309.00 plus there will be an additional charge if she is in heat at the time of the spay. Since Bella was abandoned by our last tenants we really don't know her shot history. The vet wants to wait until the kittens are all weaned before giving them and Bella's shots and they want to wait to spay her until she has vaccinations. Hope that made sense. How do I know when they are completely weaned. I mean when mama is around they still nurse. She is not as attentive to them anymore..but still lays with them and they do still nurse. I CAN'T TAKE ANOTHER HEAT CYCLE. I also am thinking about contacting the Humane Society as they have a low cost spay & neuter program. Can anyone tell me the average price for a spay - or is 309.00 about the norm? Thanks is advance
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I am going to be paying 35.00

Try googling vet clinics near you.
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the vet that helped me nurse Firefox back to health wanted $120 for a spay. the local spay/neuter clinic was $35, w/an extra $10 in the cat was in heat [which of course, she decided to do the day i took her in ].
i'd definitely check out a clinic - you can locate a list of them here.
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I paid 300 for my Cats. The Male was 86. My Dad went to a low cost place and they messed up.
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our cat hospital is 210... however for a lower cost alternative check out spay usa
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Originally Posted by Mama of Bronte View Post
our cat hospital is 210... however for a lower cost alternative check out spay usa
that's the link i posted...
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Our vet charges about $300 for a feline spay, but it's certainly worth checking out your alternatives. (I just paid almost $400 to have my dog spayed last month!)
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I'd check around. Ling was spayed for about $125. That seems a bit high to me. And there will be a little extra cost if she is in heat, but not that much more!
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$300 seems a bit high to me, but it depends a lot on where you live -- I'd expect it to be more expensive in San Fran, or NYC, since the cost of living in those places is just generally higher.

My vet charges about $200 for spays, $100 for neuters. I will be asking him if he can discount it at all given we'll be taking in 3-5 at the same time, and if not, will probably find a low-cost clinic instead.

My vet also made it very clear that he would not spay mommy until she had ceased nursing for 10 days. This to avoid complications from the milk still being all in there and whatnot. We're on week 6, no sign of weaning, so we're going to give her another 2-3 weeks and then forcibly separate her if needed -- she's in heat constantly at this point, so she's getting a little bit difficult to be around. And seems AWFULLY uncomfy! Poor dear.
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It's no wonder people are so hesitant to spay and neuter! Anything over $75 is way too much in my opinion. I have only ever used low cost clinics except for once. Females are $42 and males are $26. There are loads of low cost clinics around here. Check you area, call local shelters and pounds and ask them to recommend some low cost clinics.
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IK here most of the low cost places are only if you make under a certain amt which is TINY!!!!!!! and it is about $300 to spay ours. but I did find a couple of low cost clinics one is a mobile one and the other that someone posted. so will check with them to get Angel done. if it was even $100 that is so much easier to come up with than $300!
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