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Sasha is getting neutered in the morning...

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Yes, Sasha is a little boy kitty, hence the reason he is getting neutered and not spayed (I just got the two terms straight ). We thought he was a she when we first got him. We liked the name so we kept it anyway
HE is getting neutered tomorrow, poor little kitty. Please send some good luck and prayers his way.

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Good vibes being sent over to Sasha!

(My neighbour had a male dog called Sasha... )
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Good thoughts and furry purrs for Sasha. I'm sure he'll come through the neuter just fine!

Personally, I love the name Sasha for a boy. It's on my fantasy list of boy names, if I have a son. When I first took in Ivo, I thought she was a he, hence the name (from what I've read, Ivo is a boy's name). I found out otherwise the first trip to the vet's, but loved the name Ivo (it fits her somehow) too much to change it.
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Thanks guys! I figured that Sasha could somehow pass for a little boy kitty name. It fits him great too!
Ivo is cool for a girl kitty. I guess they don't really know the difference anyway do they
We stared out saying "she" and "her" when referring to him, that is a hard habit to break.

Thanks for the good thoughts...

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Sending up good thoughts for Sasha!
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I won't tell you how many times I have named kittens gender specific names, only to find out later I was gender confused! LOL Same goes with my vet- it is sort of hit and miss till the kittens reach a certain age. I had a male samoyed named Sasha, he was a cool dog.
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Good thoughts headed to Sasha! Hope you're jumping around again real soon!
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Sasha is home now and he is doing great. No problems at all at the vet's office. He ate dinner and is sleeping with Berkley under a blanket on the sofa.

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Hi Ginger

Glad to know Sasha is doing well!

The name Sasha reminds me of one of the top world's skaters, Sasha Cohen. She has dark, short hair and is very beautiful.

Ginger, i searched this name under baby names, and found out that this can be either a female OR a male name. so, you see, you have nothing to worry about. The meaning of Sasha: Pet form of Alexander, and its origin is Russian.

He looks adorable!! Your kitties are beautiful! (i love kitty pics.) i especially like Sterling .

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Glad to hear everything is good!
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I was going to send good luck thoughts to Sacha, I guess I am a bit late! Glad everything went well!!! Hope he will recover soon!

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my new cat Roxy is a boy too, tho i thought he was a girl when I named him(luckily because spaying cost more and comes with more possible complications than neutering).. Actually his name is Roxy Gogo, and I've tried to just call him gogo, but I still call him Roxy and I don't care!!
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Glad he's doing great.. Cute name for him anyway.
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