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Inching Closer To My Lap Band

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No pun intended with the thread title.

I had a EGD done last Friday that turned out well and a stress test today which also turned out well. The last thing that I need to take before submitting my case for insurance approval is a Psych evaluation. Like I need one of those being a postal worker.
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Ha! I guess there's no getting out of the psych eval for you! They waived it in my case, because I'm so obviously normal.
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Lucky you. I really don't think I need it at all but they said it's required.
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No, actually they waived it because I knew what they were looking for and just told them up front that I had been treated for depression for many years and now had it under control... that my expectations for how the surgery would change my life were realistic... that I understood it was going to force me to change my eating habits in ways that would inevitably affect social and family situations... that sort of thing.

I think the psych eval is mostly a way of protecting the surgeon from accusations by patients who don't understand what they're getting into... there are actually people who expect to wake up thin! Some doctors just won't take the chance of going without it.
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Good luck !!!

you need some books or something how your in the hospital?
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Thanks, Bruce.

I won't be in the hospital but a day. I will be off for a week afterwards. Thanks for the book offer. I have a stack of books I haven't even gotten to yet. I still need to finish Team of Rivals and The Road To Disunion I.
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my psych eval was required by my insurance before they'd cover the op.
i think they just want to be sure that you're not fat AND crazy both!
it was really kind of a joke... i filled out 2 multi choice questionnaires, & had 2 quite short sessions w/the psychologist. waste of time & money, IMO - but my insurance also paid a part of that, as well.
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