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ANOTHER naming thread :)

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So, I know that I probably won't actually pick a name until I pick my baby up (beginning of June!) from the breeder and spend some time with her. BUT I keep trying to think of possible names anyway. I am pretty stuck on the idea of a literary name - YES - I am a huge dork (English major/English teacher). But all of the great literary names I came up with are male! (Mr. Darcy, Shakespeare, Faulkner, Dante', Hamlet etc). So far the only female names I have thought of in the literary genre are..

Jane Austin (too long), Darcy (even though she's a girl!), Ophelia, Sayuri (which my mom says she can't pronounce) and Bronte.

Other ideas that aren't literary are: Pearl, Shelby (I love Steel Magnolias), Delilah, and Cashmere (but it has no shorter version).

BTW - she is a platinum point tonkinese (white body, silvery grey points, crystal blue eyes). This is why I liked Pearl and Cashmere. I'd post a picture but I don't know if I can in this forum.

Any ideas or input???
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I really like Ophelia and Bronte, but I think she sounds more like an Ophelia.

There's also Cordelia, Desdamona, Juliet, Portia.

The Gulf of Tonkin isn't terribly far from Thailand - you could always go with Anna, from The King and I...
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you can post a picture!! i have to see before I can contribute!! :P
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Ignore the redeye. Her baby blues are just going to do that from time to time!
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You can pick out your cat's name (the register one) now. And then pick out a "call" name.

Spooky's registered name was Top Secret.

I usually pick out the registered name before I get the kitten. Jack is already named And he's not even born yet.....

How about Sayuri Cashmere for the registered name (with the breeder's cattery first.
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Thanks for the suggestions - keep them coming!
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