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Dog scared of cat

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My five year old golden retriver is afraid of the cat I got. She will run into another room when the cat comes downstairs. I think it is due to the fact that she was the runt of the litter. Is there any way that I can get her not to be scared of my Mya my cat. The other golden retriver is not scared of her but they are not exactly best friends either. My terrier seems to be the only one that is not either scared of the cat or just ignoring it like my other golden retriver. Mya herself was on a window ledge that looks out into the backyard and the 2-year lod golden retriver came up to her and she started hissing which she has never done before. Is there any way that I can make these three best friends.
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Well, I think sometimes best friends is too much to expect, but I'm sure you can get all your pets to at least tolerate each other. Does the cat behave in a threatening way or something towards the dog that's scared?

Anyway, with dogs (and cats too of course) I think the best way to go is that when the cat is around, the dog gets wonderful things! Whatever that is to your dog. If the dog likes treats, start giving her those when the cat comes around- downstairs at first, and as she gets used to it, as the cat comes closer etc. Just deal them out liberally. And do that each time the cat comes around, slowly the dog should start associating the cat with those wonderful treats! If it's not treats, a favourite toy, or some petting, or whatever makes that dog happy. Calming signals may work too, dogs use those on other dogs when they want to calm the other one down, things like yawning, or turning their head away, licking their lips etc. You could try those, yawn and lick your lips, and see what happens. Dogs are very good at looking at their owners for how to react, and if you seem anxious or nervous, or cuddle the dog by speaking in a "comfort" voice usually makes it worse, if you appear confident and show there's nothing to be scared of, the dog will most likely start acting according to that too eventually.

You didn't say how long you've had the cat, but sometimes it can take a while for pets to get used to each other. Dogs and cats don't always understand each other terribly well, so it's a learning process for them too. Your cat might be a little scared of the other golden too, hence the hissing. Just make sure the cat has places to go where the dogs can't get to, and of course making sure the cat doesn't bother the dogs either when they want to be left alone.

I have two dogs and two cats, and it's always taken a few weeks for everyone to settle down, and much longer than that before they've become friends or become totally relaxed in this new "pack" of theirs. I just always try to make sure everyone has place they can go to when they don't want to be bothered, that no one picks on the others, and let them get used to the new addition in their own pace.
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my lab misty tried to jump on my cats, even though they have smacked her a few times Hopefully your guys will become friends soon!
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I have had my cat for about 7 months. What I have recently started to do is keep them in a room together for about an hour each day with me so that I can supervise. The cat is coming near and the dog seems more relaxed then before. A book suggested that I lock my dog in a cage and let the cat wander around, but that seems unfair to me that the dog would have to be caged. Even if it was the other way they really couldn't interact and see each other that good. So I will try some of the suggestions given and see what happens.
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