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State sanctioned shooting of animals

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Three times in the last week I have been horrified by the actions of those in my state and a neighboring state. The first was when the DNR shot some swans. The people in the neighborhood were horrified, they thought of the swans as pets. The DNR shot them because they are not a native type of swan and they are causing problems with the native sawns (forgive me I can't remember what types each were). I was horrified, and so was much of the state. The DNR has agreed to stop shooting the swans but plans on preventing them from breeding by, "Shaking thier eggs, or punching holes in the eggs." I have no idea what this actually entails, but it sounds horrific.
Then I heard about a mountain lion shot in Chicago. The DNA test showed that this mountain lion was one that had been spoted in Wisconsin. The police were concerned about public safety. I understand that, but was there not another way to handle the situation?
Finally, this morning the police here shot a "Pit Bull that they felt was threatening" They also have the owner in custody.

I understand I was not around for any of these incidences, and did not have to make the call, but it just feels like state employees feel that it is OK to shot animals first and ask questions later.
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I can somewhat understand the first instance that you cited. Speaking generally, non-native/invasive species can wreak havoc on local wildlife and ecosystems. This is something that has been becoming an increasing problem in our waterways with the release of non-native fish and other aquatic plants and animals. I really don't know what they can do to combat the problem of invasive species other than trying to keep them from breeding or by eradicating them. Neither solution is completely viable, though. This isn't just a problem in this country but in others as well.
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