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No one wants to go with me!

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I belong to a great gym, well, it's a "Wellness Centre" and has more things available than a regular gym, such as yoga classes, aquafit, aerobics, group sports etc.

Anyway, once a month I'm allowed to bring a guest free of charge. Other times if anyone wants to go it's a $10 drop in charge.

I've been asking people to go with me on guest day, but no one ever wants to go!

The problem is that I like to go early mornings. During the week I like to be there for 6:30am, and on weekends by 7:30 or 8:30am.

Everyone who I ask doesn't want to go until late afternoon or even in the evening after dinner. That's way too late for me and by afternoon I need a nap and after dinner the last thing I want to do is go and exercise. I want to have a shower, veg in front of the tv and then go to bed with a good book.

So I can't find a gym buddy
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Oh sweetie! It's nothing to do with you as a person! It's just that you want people to fit into your scedule - which is different from their own. Chin up!
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ahh hunni i would go with you !
but youd have too take a cardboard cutout of me
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how canĀ“t to make a bit of time to go with you?...
Well they missed this opportunity......the early excersise is great!
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My brother thinks I'm insane for going so early!

There are people who get there even before I do. It's great to go early. You aren't having to wait around for machines, it's relatively quiet, you aren't crashing into people on the track, you get your pick of lockers (which is a good thing), and the classes for aquafit and aerobics aren't full. Plus when you go early, it's out of the way and leaves the rest of the day for other stuff. And it actually energizes you. I didn't think that was possible, but it does.

Oh well, their loss
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Is a darn shame I don't live closer, that's the best time to exercise! I'm like you, by evening, I'm in no mood to do it, and besides, if you go do it and get it over with, you don't dread it all day, and stand a lower chance of talking yourself out of going, lol!
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I have to be at work at 6:30 am, so I couldn't even imagine exercising before work!!! I go to the fitness center when I get out of work at 5 pm....well, I did before I got my back injections. I get to resume exercising on Monday, the 12th. I honestly NEVER, in my life, thought I'd actually look forward to exercising!
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