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Earliest you can "fix" your kittens?

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I have 5 kittens + mom that need to be fixed. ( Spayed etc ) and I was wondering what is the earliest age that you can do that to kittens. I know with Mama cat I can get her done when her kittens are 8 weeks old.

Im asking because I dont really want to give them away until they have been fixed so that I don't have to worry about others allowing them to breed.

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Kittens can be done 8 weeks/2 pounds. Talk to your vet though, not all will do them that young.
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Well done on doing the responsible thing! This is something you would have to discuss with your vet, but the official AVMA stand on this is 8-16 weeks. You probably want to let the kittens stay with the mom until they're at least 12 weeks old before separating them, so maybe you can have them speautered when they're 10-12 weeks old, and your vet might feel more comfortable with that?

ETA - here's a link to the AVMA page about it -
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Yeah. I was going to hang on to them for at least 11 weeks, so I can do 12 weeks for sure!

I have 4 boys and 1 girl - They are 8 days old Soooo cute! I am keeping the girl.

Thanks for the LINK and advice
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I would wait until they are 12 weeks.
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Will do.

The place I normally get my cats done at says 4 months and 4 lbs. It's only 18 per male cat to be done. That's not bad.
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You should call your vet, and a few others around you. Some vets say 2 months/2lbs, some say 4 lbs, and some say 6 months.
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Some vets will do them at 2 lbs and 8 weeks old. I would have them done by 3-4 months old. Since its best to keep them till a minimum of 10-12 weeks old, I'd have them done at 12 weeks and then adopt them out.

Thanks for your willinginess to have them all done. You might want to add in some of the cost in your adoption fee pointing out the fact that the price did include them being altered
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I'll probably charge 50.00 per adoption. They will be getting their shots too. I love my kitties plus, if no one takes them then I know they are good at my home no matter what.
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our kitten is 6 weeks old

should I wait until he is older

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Originally Posted by Patty Carriere View Post

our kitten is 6 weeks old
should I wait until he is older
The standard minimum age/weight is 8 weeks and 2 pounds. But every vet has their own preferences. So call your vet and ask what he/she prefers.
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Well this is an old thread.


Do call your vet and see what they say, it does go by weight rather than age and some are still stuck on the old 6 months. Really, the sooner the better. Girls are best done before their first heat cycle which can happen at 4 months.


I do my kittens at 10 weeks, and microchip at the same time (with vaccines at 8 & 12, so the neutering fits in the middle of this schedule)

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