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Anne is in the May issue of Cat Fancy!

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And it's a cover story, too! "Cats and War", it features an interview with our own Anne about the Cat Welfare Society of Israel!

Congratulations, Anne!
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Thank you Mom of 10! Isn't that wonderful news!!! Hopefully the shelter will find a benefactor now.
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Yes, it is! I will keep my fingers crossed for her and the CWSI!

BTW, I got the issue in Friday's mail, it is brand new, not sure when it will be in stores. I know subscribers tend to get theirs sooner than the stores put them out.
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OMG!!!!! That is GREAT!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Anne!!!!!

I wish like CRAZY we got that magazine in the stores here, but we don't. I wonder...if I were to subscribe to it this week, would I get the May issue with Anne in it??? Does anybody know? jgaruba (Jenn) was so sweet to send me the issue that mentioned Anne and MaryAnne and Meowhoo.com in it, so I do have an order form...I'm afraid I might not be in time to get the May issue though.
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I can photocopy it tomorrow and send it in the mail to you if you want. PM me with your mailing address if you want me to do that. I don't have a scanner, so that is the only way I can think of to share it.
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That would be great!!! I will send you my address! Thanks!!!
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Debby it takes 6-8 weeks to get a new subscription going.
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Thatts what I was afraid of. I should just subscribe to it anyway...the one Jenn sent me has so much interesting reading in it and beautiful pictures!!! Thanks again Jenn!
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all right anne! that is great!
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There is also a story in the Pet Press about Anne and the feral cats of Israel. It is in two parts...
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A congratulatory note is definitely in order! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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what fabulous exposure for Anne!!!

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YAY!!!!! That is GREAT news!!!!! CONGRATS Anne, Mary Anne, and CWSI!

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Congratulations!!!! I'll have to keep an eye out for it-I just picked up the April issue, with Meowhoo (and Anne and Mary Anne) yesterday. I was so happy, I pointed the article out to my friend and said "I know these people!" I guess I'll have to start haunting Pet Supplies Plus for the next few days looking for the new issue....

I hope this brings more attention to CWSI. They are doing a wonderful thing and deserve all the attention they can get.
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Anyone know then they hit the store's?
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That's awesome, especially for the kitties of Isreal
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Sherral they are usually delivered around the 25th of the month and it takes a few days for the clerks to put them out, so they are available for sure on the first of the month.
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Woo!!! I have to stop by my grandpa's house to pick up my mail! That's so great, I can't wait to see it.
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Thanks Hissy,I will be watching for it!
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Cool!! Congratulations, Anne!! Great i ve been receving catfancy magazines for 2 years.. I love it.. i am loooking forward to MAY 2003!

by the way, I saw CWSI information in it (March 2003) i bet you arleady know.
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I don't remember seeing CWSI info there in the march issue! Where did you see it - this is getting more exciting :tounge2:

Cat Fancy have been so great giving us so much coverage. I've been a subscriber for three years now - but I get them so late it's getting frustrating (now that I have such important things to wait for in every issue ) I don't even have the April issue yet!

Thanks for the congrats everyone!
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i haven't been a subscriber for years now but am definately gonna pick it up now That's really cool, Anne
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Way Too Cool!

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How exciting! I cant wait to see it!
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Cool I just got my copy today! Nice story, they started out talking about Phoenix. That thrills me no end!
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wow that is awesome!! Now I have to go find my cat fancy!
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I completely forgot to post about this...

I picked up my copy at my grandfather's house about a week ago. What a great article! And it's so neat seeing Anne's name and CWSI in the magazine... I'm like... I know that person!!! Woo! :tounge2: :tounge2:
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That's great! (I'm a little late on this, but oh well.) Just wanted to say congrats, Anne!!!
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Wow, this is absolutely fantastic news!!!!!!! :LOL:
when I lived in Califoria, I found out about the existence of "Cat Fancy". I went to the local library store, and bought about 20 old issues...

since I live in Israel, there is no way I can see it here though

I would really appriciate it if you could some how send it to me.. Can you scan the story and email it or something? I am absolutly dying to see it!!!!


And big Congrats to Anne!!!!!!!
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I am getting ready to send a package to Anne in a few days. I will be happy to include a copy of this article in it for you and she can mail it to you if that is okay? I know she subscribes to Cat Fancy and she does get it delivered, but really late- weeks at a time.
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