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When are the times when your cats hate you?

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For me there are always..

1. When sending them for boarding
2. Bathing timeeeeee
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Bath time
Weekly vacuuming
Monthly bug juice application/heartworm medicine
Making him eat peanut butter to prevent hairballs
Moving in my sleep haha (how dare I disturb the King who's made a lovely nest of my legs to sleep in!)
Paying attention to any pet other than him
Leaving him for any period of time

Oh the list goes on haha

But overall he loves me tons!
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eye boogie cleaning time
pill time [whenever there's a need]
when Chip wants to go fight the feral toms who are spraying the kitchen door - he actually hissed at me last night when i blocked his path!
claw-clipping time for Firefox - she growls at me the whole time, w/a couple of hisses thrown in for good measure!
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Reilly hates it when I start to pack my suitcase to go to work...he's seen it so many times that he knows the drill.

Sydney hates when I vacuum or try to give her a kiss...ewww!! people faces

Molly just hates me when I tell her "no" or "get down" she hears them quite often
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--Any time the door alarm buzzes.
--When maintenance comes in to fix something.
--Anything grooming-related (except brushing).
--Anything health-related (especially a trip to the vet).
--Vacuuming or doing something else noisy.
--When Matt (boyfriend) is getting too loud on the phone, listening to music, or watching sports.

Oliver hates me when I'm paying attention to Rocky and not him.
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Hmmm. Chynna never hates me. I don't think she hates anyone.

Abby? Definitely when I pick her up to cuddle. She hates to be picked up or cuddled unless she initiates it herself.
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Monster hates it when:
-i wanna kiss him
-when i pick him up & he dont wanna be bothered
-when hes laying on me & i shift a bit to get more comfortable
-bath time
-nail clipping time
-vet trips(the only time he ever hisses or growls is when hes at the vet)

Mittens hates it when:
-i pick her up(but a lil face rubbing brings her around)
-when i try to kiss her, but she hates it more than Monster does
-nail clipping(i havent tried to bathe her yet)
-i feed them a lil later than normal

thats basically it
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I think the only time Popsie truly hates me is when I have to take him to the vet. Other than that he probably gets annoyed with me. Like when I want to snuggle when he's sleeping. Or when I try to get the crusties out of the corner of his eyes. He acts annoyed when I clean his ears but I think he secretly likes it.
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Beauty only ever hates me when it's time to go to the vet (she knows what's coming!!!)
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Sweet little Gracie loves the world, she doesn't hate anything.

Annabelle on the other hand hates EVERYTHING...must be the 'tude...I swear if looks could kill we'd all be dead.

Elliott hates the vacuum, eye and nose bogger cleaning, ear cleaning and have his back claws trimmed...he's fine with the front ones, but for some reason having the back ones trimmed sends him over the edge!
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Jordan Isaac & Maggie hate me when I clean their eye boogs.
Isaac & Maggie hate me when I medicate them or brush their teeth.
Jordan & Maggie hate me when I clean thier chins.
Jordan hate me when I palpate his tummy to make sure he's not constipated, or when I have to give him enulose.
The time when they all hate me (even my sweet Levi) Anal gland expression!
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Hate is a strong word. Mine get mad at me when I:

Transport them in a carrier to and from the vet.
Don't feed them when they want to be fed.
Don't give them the attention they want.
Give them medicine other than when it is slipped into their food.
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If hating me means growling and attacking me, then my cats have never hated me. On the other hand, I've been hated by ferals when handling them.
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i would have to say the vacuum and when we get a chance to crank the stereo up.
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Ringo hates it whenever we try to pick her up and hold her. She doesn't like to be contained in any way. She also really doesn't like it when there is a closed door in the house...and, of course, there is that awful vaccuum cleaner! Ringo is also never pleased when we leave the house. We have a very sweet kitty when we return home, though!
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Oh, and whenever my husband plays his keyboard, she runs up and bites on the corner of it. Ha!! It's too funny! She really doesn't like noise.
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They don't get mad, but more annoyed when supper is late (more then 1/2 hour) or its time to go to bed and we don't go when Charlie wants us to go
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-Delilah HATES being brushed, and going to the vet.
-Piper gets mad when I make her tune down her affection a few notches. (Cat nose inside my mouth is icky!)
-Blue gets mad when I won't let her press her nose up against my snakes' cages while they're trying to eat.
-Griffin doesn't like his eye boogies cleaned.
-And Bastian, being the mischievious little thief that he is, gets mad when I won't let him keep the food he steals off the tables and counters.
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Blossom hates the spot-on application, freaks out. And is a speed demon with all claws & teeth at pill popping time.
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Bath time
Getting brushed (Quincy especially hates that)
When I tell them no or stop then from getting into something
Right now Smidgeon isn't too happy with me trying to keep him and Wicked seperated. (Both intact are getting spayed and neutered next tuesday).
Closing the window so they can't sit by the screen and watch the world.
Stopping Smidgeon from tearing up the the toilet paper.
Getting medicine or their nails clipped.
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Marble sends me the evil eye when I'm petting any other kitty but her. At night, I carry both of them upstairs to my room and shut them in so my mom can leave food down and the litter room open for her kitty downstairs and both girls always make these sad cries, but they settle down once they're in, nobody scratches the door to get out unless I've overslept a really really long time.
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When I make them bathe except for Seldon who loves it.
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lol, when i brought Ginger home for the first time within minutes i realized that either her or Marianne had wet in the crate... I gave them a little mini kitty bath... Marianne took it pretty well ... but Ginger shot me a look of pure betrayal! i felt absolutely awful for the horrible thing i did to her so soon after coming home...
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clipping claws
Baby HATES when anyone rubs her belly, she scratches growls and hisses... i think she wasnt 100% under when she got fixed
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My kitty hates me when -

I groom him, he fights the comb
Vet trips
When I won't let him out
When he can't get in a room that he decides is desperately important to get into
When he needs a tablet
When I cuddle him
When I tell him off
When he wants to play but I don't

He's a lovely little chap really, just slightly demanding

How do you give kitty peanut butter to stop hairballs??? My kitty could do with that!
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I'm on both Quincy and Quasar's list, when I take them for a ride in the car to the vet, and neither one of them likes me much when I clean the goobers from their eyes.
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Let's see:

Kuce - (She used to be afraid of almost everything)
Vet visits
Pill time
Earthquakes over 5.0

Luvbug -
car trips to the vet (not the vet)
door bell
Anything new
Pill time

Lil' Jag -
Same as Luvbug except the car trips.
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Zissou hates me when I am gone for too long, especially overnight. She destroys everything.
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1. When I vacuum
2. When my mows the lawn
3.When I wake them up from a nap
4. When i give them a bath
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I feel so blessed! My cats are so laid back. I went away recently and my cat sitter said the same thing. Actually "amiable" was the word she used.

But Fiona gets really irritated and can get very vocal and IN MY FACE if she wants to play and I am on the computer.....LOOK OUT! She lets out kitty sighs....its cute. I don't like it when she climbs on my head though.

But they all let me pick and prod at them and do as i please.....makes giving meds and grooming so much easier! But I have not tried bathing them.....talk to me then.
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