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ok I noticed on Sun that her teats seemed a bit fuller and definately on mon (as I tried to show in the pictures) today they are even bigger..... Like I said I only felt kicking on one side and she really isn't big at all so guessing only 1 maybe 2 kits in there.....

She is 55 days today.......

have those with small litters found they went earlier or later or didn't it seem to matter???? we weren't feeling for movement before but I thought I felt a kick on Sun and did feel a few yesterday and my daughter felt some last night (so I am not crazy) but she has to be laying down on her belly with your hand slid under to feel them (another reason I am only thinking one) but with her filling up with milk I am wondering if she will make it another 10 days for when purringlot says she is due. I am hoping she has them by next Thurs the latest since we go camping friday night to Sun afternoon so won't be home but it is close enough that I can come home to check but still won't be here 24/7.

Also normally she LOVES my room but she isn't thrilled to be in there right now even when we are in there. she likes it for a bit but then wants out but since it is getting so close I want to start leaving her in there all the time. She has food, water a litter pan and a nesting box and my bed and my window is open so she can enjoy that since she loves it..... we don't have a spare room or bathroom so our room is about it for the safest place.
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I did the same with my Molly. (put her in my room for the run up) she like your cat was also not impressed to be in there and felt trapped so in the end we made sure the house was completely sucure during the days and let her wander round the house with us keeping an eye on her, then when we went to bed she came up with us and spent the night in there.

She had her kittens in there and of course now doesnt want to leave..

Is there any chance you could try that?
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I could have her out during the day but hard once it gets close to always keep an eye on her since we have a cat door and litter box/food etc. is in the basement for my cats and one side is all storage with all types of little holes for her to get to and no way to block them. She has been fine in there today but last night was scratching to get out when we were in there. ODD kitty that she is. She normally tries to get into my room (and our door is always shut) and runs in when my hubby goes to bed or one of my kids sneaks into my bed at night. LOL but then is used to being able to get out when she pleases or scratches at the door....

And not sure if my 16 yr old didn't shut the door all the way when she left this am or if my 5 yr old opened the outside door but it wasnt' closed all the way so she got out this morning. GRRRRRRR (meaning outside) TG she just likes to go to our little carport and since she is not in heat there aren't any other cats around to worry about. but do NOT want to take that chance. and she comes when I go out and call her. PHEW. but my hubby let her out to the rest of the house with him this morning......
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