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Im so excited!

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I had to share, I got a house! Im only renting but im so happy to move out of my current house, I hate it here. The best part is the new house has a pool! And it has a nice big kitchen with a huge fridge and freezer built into the wall! I love to cook so this is perfect for me.

Its also perfect for the dogs. Its mostly carpet too which I love, I like the look of hardwood but I hate walking around barefoot on it, and it makes it hard for the dogs and cat to play.

I move in exactly a week, I got all my installs set up for Tuesday, just have to call the movers!

And another great thing is there will be no one going through my trash cans anymore! I have homeless people who walk around the neighborhood taking peoples trash, they came into the side of my house once when my trash cans were there so i started leaving them in the front, but now I dont have to worry about that anymore!!!
And the landlord pays half the water!

Ok sorry, im just very excited!!!
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Congratulations!! Thats so exciting! Enjoy your new place
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Yippee!! Sounds amazing!!
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And I'm happy for you! It's a terrible fate to live in a home you don't like. On your moving-in day, why don't you plant something to celebrate?
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That is exciting! Congratulations. Hoping your move goes smoothly.
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Congrats hon! That is wonderful news!! I bet you're thrilled to be moving soon!
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