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Daily Thread Tuesday May 6th

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Morning All!!!!

Guess I'll take a stab at this this morning.

Sunny but quite chilly here this morning. Heading off to a Dr. Appointment for ten then work. Am going to see about changing my anti-inflammatory meds since they don't seem to be working very well the last few weeks....
Oh the joys of getting older

Nothing much else planned, should stop by Walmart after work I see they have some good specials this week, plus the local Farmer's Market opened for the season last Friday so they have strawberries on special....mmmmmm strawberries mmmmmm.

Kitties are good this morning tearing around like banshee's right now...
Silly kitties..

Everyone have a good one
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Well the sun is now out but we had a brief bit of rain about 30 minutes ago. And more tonite and tomorrow morning too.

So I will be heading out shortly I have to pick up some stone for a client (yuck) and I have a commercial property that needs tending!! Have to get some grocery shopping done to.
My big commercial proposal will be mailed out tomorrw to. I think there will be a competitive quote but I have backing of the tenant!!

A bit sore and tired this morning too better pop a couple aspirin before I head out.

Have a good day!!
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Afternoon Lovely and sunny here today.

Going out for dinner with friends tonight and i havent a clue what i'm wearing
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