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I went to see Mark today

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and he's doing well and seems to be thinking clearly. He has eight days to go. The program wants to send him to Palm Beach, Florida, for an aftercare program, all expenses paid. The problem is, its 3 months and he wouldn't be here, when the babies are born. He obviously doesn't want to go and I have to agree with him. They're giving him a hard time about it.

It seems to me, that being there, for Sam and the babies would be better for him, than being clear across the country.

He can get therapy, in southern AZ AND be with his wife and kids, at the same time. Besides, our whole family is here, to love and support him. Being isolated, in a strange city, away from family is liable to make him go looking for the wrong kind of "friends" again.

I hope that he can work this out and stay straight.
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I am glad to hear he is doing so well in recovery!!!! That is great!!!! He should definitely be there when the babies are born, Sam needs him there and that is such an important time in his life and he would regret missing it for the rest of his life I think. Let us know what he decides.
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Sam has another ultrasound, April 2. NOW, they're saying that its not 100% sure that they're both girls. I may have to take the ruffles, off of one of the rompers that I made.
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Well a girl and a boy would be nice too! Are both the rompers pink though? Might have to dye one blue!
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glad to hear fo mark's progress! he does need to be with his wife and see the babies born. i am so happy for you and your family right now, cindy!
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Cindy, I'm so glad to hear this great news!!!!! I agree with you. And I think Mark is a very, very lucky man to have such a great family behind him.

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Cindy, i wish Mark well!

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Thanks, everyone.

Debby, the rompers are blue-and-white gingham, with Dalmatians printed over the checks. I bought the fabric before we knew it was twins and had to go buy another yard. Between cutting and assembly, the ultrasound tech said they were both girls, so I bought some ruffles, with blue embroidery and put them around the armholes. Now, I may have to take the ruffles off of at least one.

The tie-dyed ready-mades, that I bought will work, either way.
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I hope he continues to do well.
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