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just had kitten pts :(

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5 weeks ago today lizzie had 2 kittens both males.
a week ago we noticed that one of the kittens eyes didnt look right, i thought he may be blind and will regret not taking him to the vets for the rest of my life then when i first noticed something wrong, he was still nursing fine and looked healthy.
late last night however he couldnt walk or move his head, you could see the whites of his eyes at the top and his head was larger then his brothers, i tried getting him to nurse on mum but what looked like him nursing he was just resting his head there instead so for all i know when i thought he was nursing for the last few days turns out he wasnt nursing atall, i weighed him last night to compare to his brother and his brother was 6oz heaiver then he was, we got him to the vet asap, they said he had Hydrocephalus which is fluid on the brain and that it was a congintal defect so was born with it, but symptoms dosnt arise straight away. they said there was nothing they could do for jasper and the kindest thing to do was to put him to sleep. so we had our little baby boy pts early hours this morning, i'm feeling guilty for not bringing him in sooner,i'm heart broken that we will never see him grow.
rip little jasper xxxxx
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I am so sorry.

Sleep tight little Jasper xx
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RIP little jasper. don't beat yourself up over it. you did what you thought was best and as any type of mommy that is all that we can do. you got him to the vets once you really knew there was a problem
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Jasper knew love from you in his brief time on Earth.

The Bridge now has a new baby angel.
Rest in peace baby Jasper.
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I just wanted to thank you for your kind words.
It always seems harder to put any animal to sleep, i can never get that imiage out of my head, i havnt stoped crying all day, and its gonna be harder tonight when the children come home from school as they havnt been told yet.
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I'm so sorry about Jasper. Don't beat yourself up about it though. Like the vet said, he was born that way and taking him in sooner wouldn't have resulted in a different ending.

RIP little one
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Im so sorry about the lil guy!!!!!
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