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Should Kittens Gain Weight Every Day???

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birth date

1. 110g
2. 100g
3. 90g
4. 110g

Day 1

1. 115g
2. 105g
3. 105g
4. 115g

Day 2

1. 125g
2. 115g
3. 120g
4. 115g

Kitten 1 has gained 15g since birth
kitten 2 has gained 15g since birth
kitten 3 has gained 30g since birth
kitten 4 has gained 5g since birth..

Are these amounts normal? Kitten 3 (i must name them soon) has gained a massive amount compared to the others and started out the smallest , However kitten 4 is always latched on but has only gained 5g..

I obviously want to make sure that these little dudes are getting the best care ever so can anyone advise me on potential problems i should be looking out for or are they all doing well and i should stop fussing?

BTW kitten 4 LOOKS the biggest..

I will try to take some more pictures later.
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Kitten 4 who i believe is a girl so have now named her Grace has again not had a gain in weight today.

This was the kitten that Molly did not cut the cord for and i know they do that sometimes when they know baby wont make it but she seemed to be doing so well and has been feeding as much as or even more than some of the others.

Anyway we have vets at 11am UK time today and i just hope this is something that can be fixed easily..

Please wish Grace well.

weights for today are.

1. 140g
2. 125g
3. 135g
4. 115g
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good luck gracie
i dont know about this sorta thing
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The vet seems to think we have nothing to worry about which goes againts everything ive read on the net.. *sighs*

I have to give the kitten multivitamin drops and keep an eye on her..

Of course now i feel guilty for stressing Molly out for what seems like no reason
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If the vet did not prescribe the vitamins you should not be giving them to the kitten. I've never given my rex kittens anything extra. Kittens will vary in size; as long as she is nursing well and mom is not rejecting her, I'd leave the kitten alone.

Not all kittens are supposed to be the same size and I don't think its necessary to weigh them every day. Just be watchful that she is nursing well and is developing (eyes, walking, etc) like the others.
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so basically i just fuss too much

The vet did prescribe the vitamins, he wants me to give Grace three drops and although he said all are healthy and doing well he said it wouldnt hurt to give the other kittens and even Molly two drops.

I dont know though, Molly is fed on a good quality wet and dry kitten food so she isnt lacking anything she needs but it wont hurt i suppose.

Thank you for your advice
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I fussed over Cuddles because he was 93g at birth and lost down to 88g. He stayed at 88g for several days before he started gaining. He gained very slowly and it took forever (well, several weeks) to double his birth weight. He is doing fine now, although he is still the smallest.

Your kittens seem big next to mine!
I've learned that as long as they are nursing and seem comfortable, they are probably OK.
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In my opinion, if kitten 4 is nursing until falling asleep on the nipple; has a firm, taut belly;, and does not cry during or after nursing, you should be ok!
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