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panting bad after play

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hi there i have a quick question about my cat. I have 3 cats at home the youngest ( the one im concerned about) named Raven. Raven is 1 year old and is a domestic short hair. I have noticed recently that after chasing a lazer pointer or chasing after one of her kitty play mates she starts to breath funny. She makes a noise like she has a hair ball about to come up ( no hairball comes up), her head remains in the down pose and her back goes up, she will sometimes try to walk or run but you can hear her making these noises. I have pressed on her ribs and she was in no discomfort. I was just wondering if it is fur balls or if it may be a breathing problem.

more details
She is a indoor cat, very active, i play with her lots to make sure she keeps active. I feed her mainly dry food with a bit of wet food later on in the day. i also brush her every few days to make sure i help her with her shedding. she is currently on a cat litter that is clumping (petsmart store brand), which i clean on a regular basis. i forgot to add that she is eating sleeping and drinking ok

Thank you in advance
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Have you ever heard like a Weezing sound? The Position you describe is what Coco does when her Asthma acts up.
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It kinda sound like weezing / hairball / struggling to breathe. She has a vet appointment in 2 days but i want to make her comfy and make sure that im not stressing her out
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It sounds like it could be Asthma but there are other problems that can cause it. Here are a few Videos of a Cat having a Asthma Attack.
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ya her breathing is similar to the first one
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i found this one on youtube and it is VERY similar to this one but a bit more louder
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It sounds like it could be Asthma to be but there other things it can be. My 16 year old Cat has had Asthma for years. I am glad you are going to the Vets.
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wow thats scary those videos,I pretty sure mine doesnt have asthma after seeing that. After mine plays she just weezes like she ran a mile,im guess its becuz she is 2 pounds overweight?
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My Brothers cat are obese and they never get that way. See what the Vet says.
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