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New user with new Kitty (eating habits)

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Hello everyone!

First off, I would like to say that this is quite an amazing online community with tons of useful information. I am glad I found it!

Secondly, I have a kitty with some problems and I am looking for some advice. I got Bones from the the SPCA 3 days ago. She is severely under weight, 3 and half pounds at 8 mos. After the first night of having her I got extremely concerned. She had diarehha, a runny nose, was constantly sleeping and wasn't eating. I took her to the vet's the next day because I was worried about distemper. He said she was probably stressed and gave her fluid through IV.

When I got her home she would not eat anything (dry cat food, soft cat food, soft cat food with oregano) but tuna. SHe has developed quite the appetite in the last two days for tuna and her poos have become more solid. My concern is that she will get into the habit of only eating tuna and that it is not providing her with the nutrients she direly needs. On the other hand I would rather have her eating something than nothing due to her weight. How long should I let this continue? Any suggestions?

All help is very much appreciated,
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The fist thing I would try is making sure the dry kitten food she is eating is small kibble. The smallest I have ever seen is made by Royal Canin. I would try putting the tuna juice on top of the dry food, and increase the amount of dry food in the bowl each time she eats it.
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have you tried fancy feast tuna canned food. My boys LOVE that. they will eat that over real tuna!
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Regular tuna is not good for kitties because of toxins inside, so the best thing to do is to get her off the tuna quickly.

I would also suggest you change her name perhaps? Just a suggestion- Maybe call her Chubs?

I would recommend Babykat 34 by Royal Canin. I have had many compromised kitties thrive on this blend, and it has really small kibble and easy for the little ones to handle.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice I have been trying to give her IAMS dry kitten food(with tuna) but she doesn't seem interested at all. I will try the Royal Canin as well as the tuna Fancy Feast and let you know the results.
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Please feed another food besides Iam's (I'm sending you a PM in reguards to this.)

There are a lot of good foods out there you can feed her that she will benifit from, I jsut hope she winds up liking a GOOD one.

Some cats can and will hold out for what they want aka tuna. They wont eat until you give in and feed it to them. Generally they get hungry enough and will give in instead as long as you hold strong.

Glad you took kitten to the vet, and good luck! Just follow the food adivce of the others.
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Hi Maddie and Welcome!

i hope your Bones put on some weight on her bones soon! (i try with the puns, know what i mean , know what i mean ?)

For my Venus and Daisy's diet, i use both wet and dry foods. They really love the Fancy Feast's flake stuff -- different varieties, their favorite is fish and shrimp flake (with real fish and shrimp.) If you buy Fancy Feast, please remember to scout for FLAKE ones. Also, they really like the grilled chicken flavor (real meat pieces.)

For dry foods, they eat Wellness - a mixture of three varieties. It is packed with nutrition. i did some research before arriving at this product. Tomorrow, when i go kitty shopping, i will get a packet of Solid Gold (Angel's recommendation.)

Maddie, please a particular recent posting by Jenk. Jenk posted a thread asking for opinions in terms of wet/dry foods for cats. That posting has a lot of good input.

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Thank you everyone for your wonderful advice!! Kitty is eating her dry kitten food and I couldn't be more relieved. Once again thank you all for your help.
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Great update!

Cheers to Bones and Cheers to Maddie!
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Oh, I'm so glad she's doing better!
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