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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat View Post
That may have been what is known as "Shadow People".
I've seen one of those!. Back in high school we had a disco one friday night in the school hall. Upstairs where the other classrooms were it was all glass windows along the corridor. There was also a room where they used to shine the spotlights onto the stage for plays etc... Three of us went into the room where we looked down below onto the others dancing. Just then all 3 of us turned around at the same time because we all thought we saw someone standing looking at us through the windows around the corner. We all ran to see who it was thinking that it was one of the boys, but there was no one there, and the stairs were right at the end of the corridor so we would have seen and heard them running, and all classroom doors were locked once classes had finished.

All i know is that my school was built on top of a convent, so could it have been a nun i wonder?!.
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Originally Posted by Nekochan View Post
Have you heard of "Ghost Boxes"? I just learned about them recently.
They are somewhat similar to EVP except you get to hear the answers in 'real time' rather than recording and playing it back. I find it really interesting! I haven't seen one myself but I heard about them from Ursula Bielski who is a paranormal researcher.
Yes I have and want to build one. I just need to get some of the parts. I have the recorders already
Interesting stories everyone!! As for the Shadow people, I believe we may have one here at work. I haven't seen it, but I know quite a few people have seen someone, that appears to be all balck, standing in the entrance way to the dispatch area watching them. Funny thing about this entrance way. Anyone and everyone who walks through it has tripped and almost fallen. There is nothing to trip on, except a little thin strip that holds the carpet down where it meets the tile. We had service come in, to put a new strip there, but everyone still trips. There are other areas where the carpet meets the tile and no one trips on these. I can't say it has anything to do with the black figure that has been seen there, but it's weird how that is the spot where everyone has tripped, including myself more than once.
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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
Interesting! Did anyone die in the fire?
We dont know... We dont know when the fire was. We accidentally discovered it was on fire when we were doing some remodeling of our own.

You used to have to go through one of the bedrooms to get up into the attic, but we re-routed the steps into the hall. In doing so we discovered the fire evidence. The charred wood of the steps, which is what led my husband to look out the window and when we seen the sooted eaves.

I would love to find out how to learn more about the houses history. When the fire was... Or what happened or if someone died...

Hmmm... if these walls could talk
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Originally Posted by Marianjela View Post
I would love to find out how to learn more about the houses history. When the fire was... Or what happened or if someone died...
Local library for any old newspaper records or town record and your city hall. They should be able to help you. If the house is old enough and there's a local historical society they may have information about it or even the neighborhood.

As for shadowfigures/people. Some believe that not all of those are ghosts exactly. Others believe that's just how most people see them, that any apparition may not be seen very clearly or have the strength to show up as more.
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I think something was in my room last night. I was laying in bed and Popsie kept walking around looking in the closet. Then he jumped up in bed with me and I was petting him, suddenly he whipped his head around toward the doorway. It was weird.
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i am very interested in things like this. i do believe in ghosts. here are a couple of weird things that happened to me.

the first one was when i was little & asleep in my room, when i heard a noise & woke up. right after i opened my eyes i heard the sound of something sliding across my dresser (which was right next to my bed). it really scared me, but i knew what it was and just accepted it. before that happened i had always felt that my room was haunted but nothing had ever happened to confirm that, it was just a feeling.

then, i think it was about a year ago or maybe more than that, my boyfriend and i were up in our room. his sister was in the room across the small hallway, with her husband and baby. let me explain, our rooms had once been an attic space. the people who lived in the house before my bfs parents had made the upstairs into two bedrooms, with a small square of floor in between the doorways. bc the tops of the doorways are slanted bc of the roof, there are no doors on the rooms. there are curtains hung up for "privacy". my bf went downstairs , & when he came back up he asked me if his sister had said anything while he was in the bathroom, bc her room is directly above the bathroom. i told him no, nobody had said anything while he was gone. then he was like, well someone said something to me then when i was in the bathroom, because somebody said "Hey baby!". then a few hours later, we had both forgotten about that, & my boyfriend was dozing off, so i went downstairs to use the bathroom. while i was sitting on the toilet, i was reaching for the toilet paper when i heard someone say "Hello", clear as day. i didnt imagine that, it was like they were standing right next to me. so i hurried up & got outta there. my bf heard me running up the stairs, & it had woken him up. so he saw how i looked when i went into our room & asked me what was wrong.

then after i had gotten Monster, he was about 4 or 5 months old but i honestly dont remember. i was in my roomon the computer & Monster was near my feet & he was staring at something over by my bed. i thought maybe he saw a bug so i picked him up & took him over to the bed, so he could get his "bug". well, when he realized that i was taking him to the bed, he started to struggle to get away. he wouldnt stop staring over at the bed, so i took him downstairs to calm down. i know that animals can see and/or sense ghosts. so by that point i thought maybe he had seen a ghost. when i took him back up there, he started staring again, & he would walk over really slowly & then turn around & walk back. he went up on top of the dresser & i went over to him, he hissed at me. Monster never hisses, & he had never hissed at me before this. i went and sat back down, & he went back over to the bed, again, very slowly. he stood there for a while, but all of a sudden, he acrched his back, he jumped up straight, poofed out all his fur, & took off. it scared me even, but i dont really know what it was that made him do that. i believe it was a ghost, but i cant be sure.
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I'll admit that I'm more than just slightly skeptical when I hear stories, but I've seen/heard/felt things that I can't really explain too well.

For example, occasionally when I'm sitting at my desk which is right next to a window, I'll see the window "pulse", as if a random clouds passed over or in the evening it'll be like if it turned dusk for a few flickers. It's very erratic flickering and happens both day and night. I'll look out during the day and there won't be a cloud in the sky and in the evening there won't be any vehicles or planes or other light sources. During the night it's very eerie because the flickering is not intense, but the amount of light that would be needed to achieve the effect would be immense. A very orange, copper red light just light during dusk or dawn.

Also there's a office/meeting room I pass by at work every morning with frosted ceiling to floor glass. Seems like once in a while if I go into work very early, as I pass by I'll hear something press up against the glass (like a dull thud, you can feel the vibration come off the glass) and out of the corner of my eye I can see what seems to be a hand up against the glass. The moment I turn toward the glass to look it's gone and if I open the door to look into the room the lights are out and turn on as I open the door (the building has automatic light switches that turn on if it senses movement, very sensitive, even a mouse could set them off) and no one is in there. The first couple times I completely ignored it thinking there was just someone in the room and he accidentally leaned up on the glass. The third or fourth time it happened super early and I knew for certain that there should be no one else on that floor except for me which is the reason I checked. Now whenever it happens it makes me pause, wait, listen real hard, sometimes I open the door to check and sometimes I just forget about it. If it's someone playing a prank on me, I do have to commend them for having spooked me more than a couple times.
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Amber the Bobcat:

Have you done any new readings?

This is such a good thread I had to go find it to bump it back up!!!
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i think the ghost in my room dont like chance.the first night chance sleep up there with me i herd a womans voice that said get out cat,an i also herd mumbling.then i saw i orb fly past chance when he was sleeping
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Originally Posted by abbycats View Post
Amber the Bobcat:

Have you done any new readings?

This is such a good thread I had to go find it to bump it back up!!!
Yes, I did more EVP and took video in my friend's old house. I really haven't had the chance to listen to the recording yet, but I did catch some movement on video. I have to look much closer at the video, to see what the item was. My wife and I were the only ones in the house. My wife was standing right next to me and did not see anything move, but I recorded it on video.
I will be building my ghost box soon, I just have to purchase a few items yet. I have the recorders, one I can use as a white noise generator, the other for recording. I went to the store yesterday to get the other items, but they were closed. Once that is complete, I will be able to do EVP and Ghost box recordings. I want to get a few meters as well, but those will have to wait until I finish building the ghost box. I get busy however and I can't find time to listen to my EVP recordings. Maybe I need to hire someone to do that for me
I am at work at the moment and have my recorders here with me. Later on, my parter and I will try to record some EVP here. Many employees have seen things here and at night, we always here some file cabinet doors slam closed when no one is near them. I have been here alone, when the window blinds will move as if someone walked by and dragged their hand across them. Funny thing is, no one else would be in the room. So, we will see what we can get. I haven't heard any noises here for a couple weeks now, which is a little strange. Almost any time I work nights, I hear the sounds.
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So I was flipping through some pictures I took on a recent home search. There was this one old house I looked at and one picture stood out for some reason, and then I noticed something was on the picture that was odd. I believe these are "orbs" that many ghost hunters point out on pictures.

I circled them here in case you can't find them:

Even more interesting is that they appear to have some sort of structure, like swirls inside them and an outer membrane (all the orb pictures I've seen seem like they're just dust or bubbles on the camera lens).

Ghosts or not, whatever they are, they're interesting. This is the only picture that they show up on of a series of 15 or some pictures I took that day.
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