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Cold cuts?

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This is probably a silly question, but are nice quality cold cuts a good cat treat? My cat Riley looooooves cold cut turkey and rotisserie chicken, I don't give it to him often but I think it seems better than processed treats (which he doesn't like anyway).
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A little bite now and then when you're making yourself a sandwich is ok, but processed meats like that tend to be very high in sodium (which isn't good for many people, even) and other things cats don't regularly need to have.

If you want to share meat with him more often, boil some chicken and let him have that as a treat.
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check your labels - the rotisserie chicken i can buy at my grocery has garlic in it... plus lots of salt!
but as an occasional treat, it should be ok, depending on the seasoning used.
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Every once in a while I get turkey at the deli and I will give the cats a bite when I make myself a sandwich. I don't get it very often because it has gotten so expensive so they aren't getting it very often.
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