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Seperation anxiety and how to overcome it..

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I brought my kitten home on friday night. I set her up in the living room with a bed, litter boxes, food and water until she grows a bit and get used to being here. I spent almost every minute this weekend with her as I have done nothing this weekend but study for mid terms and write school papers. I slept on the couch and she would sleep up there with me.

I noticed over the weekend she would cry loudly if I went out of the room but as soon as i came back she would either play or climb up in my lap but she was fine. Today when i went to school I noticed her crying loudly and waited outside my front door for her to calm down but she was still crying 30 minutes later. I peeked in at her to see she was fine and went on to school. When I came back home she was fine as she was sleeping on the couch. I said hi to her and then went to the restroom to which she flipped out again. So i think I have a kitten with seperation anxiety and need suggestionson how to help her overcome this.
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One of my girl's who just turned 1 seems to get anxious when I leave. If I'm home in another room and she starts crying, I will just say "marble im in here sweetie". She'll stop and sometimes come in to visit. When I used to live by myself and I would be gone for 13 hours at a time for work, I would try to leave a tv going so it wouldnt be 13 hours of dead silence and she would have SOME stimulation...Unfortunately this is when I started to find multiple cabinets opened when I got home so I'm not so sure that worked out. Now that I live at home, at least I know she's not lonely but my mom says that she starts pacing around the backdoor about an hour before I'm due home, so I'm not sure there's really anything you can do to help. You can't be there all the time and she's going to have to realize that sooner or later. I would recommend leaving some toys but when I tried that, they were all lost within an hour. Maybe you'd have better luck though.
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she's just missing mom & littermates [she's a bit young, you know!]
if your finances will allow it, i've heard that a Snugglekitty is a good investment... the link shows sold out, but you might do some searches...
otherwise, a sock filled w/rice & heated in the microwave might suffice for the time being.
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Yeah, I agree she just misses company. Is there anyway you can get a second kitten so that the 2 of them could be companions? Or leave the radio on while you are away so that it isn't completely quiet and there is some noise in the house?
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