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Guess what?

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We got a Guinea pig!! i guess my kids bugged me enough because i desided to get it, he is a black and brown abbysisian guinea pig he is just a baby, he is really cute!! we named him Frodo(do you now lord of the rings?) anyway we got him for free because our friends guinea pig had babies they sent all the babies to a pet store but the pet store wouldent take the poor guy just because he is the runt, so our friend asked us if we wanted to take him.

so, we got the guinea pig for free and then a paid almost a hundred dollers on stuff for it!! but i said to my kids they could only get it if they did all the cleaning and they paid for his things, so in the end iam getting my money back when they get there birthday money from there aunts and grandma.
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oo by the way if i ever figure out how to post pics i will try to put i pic of him up.
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You might want to think about contacting this friend and seeing if they can get you a second male guinea pig from the same litter. Guinea pigs are social creatures and do MUCH better with a friend. Since I don't personally think breeding a guinea pig is the best idea due to all the unwanted, homeless pigs out there, be careful to get another male.

Contrary to popular belief, male guinea pigs can certainly live together, so don't let anyone tell you that you can't get a male friend for your pig.

Congratulations on your new friend. I would love to see him!
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yes congrats! A new addition to the family is always something to celebrate for. Just make sure that IF you get another one, and I personally think you should, that you get another of the same sex. You wouldn't want them breeding like 's and having a whole slew of piggies. Hee Hee :laughing2
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oh I LOVE guina pigs!!! after cats I think they are my fav kind of pet!!
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I had one for awhile named Snuggles! That was a few years ago. I'm sure your kids will love him!
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actully she isn't a breeder, there guinea pig had babies by accident! thanks guys! just to let you know i think he feels at home now we have had him for three days.
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Aww.. I d love to see pictures!!
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I love those little squeaky noises they make. cute.
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CONGRATS, Holly for your new family member!!

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Yeah its so cute when he makes those squeaks!! he also makes a chirpping sound thats really cute!! i will have to ask my dad who lives in kitchener to come over and show me how to post pics, i still can't get it to work.
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