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some photos of pelicans for you

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Oh how nice! I have never even seen pelicans up close before other then in pictures!

How cool!
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Great shots Cheryl, the last three do it for me

Keep em coming girl
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Gorgeous! That last one with their bottoms up is too cute!
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Brilliant pictures, I like them all
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THANKS for posting those photos!! Pelicans are my absolute favorite birds!!! I love them!!! DH and I always take a pelican picture everywhere we visit (we put our chins on our chest, lol).

So pretty
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Great photos! Thanks for sharing.
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great picture's!
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Nice pictures! The fourth one is my favorite.
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why thank you :-) I have more ..but haven't worked on them yet.
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OMG!... you´re an artist my friend, what a clear and marvellous pic´s!!! the pelicans are cool birds!
thank you for share!!!
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Great pictures
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