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Tiny Blood Stains + Itchy cat

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After I moved to my new house with hardwood floors, I've noticed little blood stains on my sink, and on his water bowl (I have a white bowl).

He enjoys walking on my sink, and also doing the pushing sand on poo motion on his water and food (no idea why he does this), and I am thinking that his paw might have touched the bowl.

The blood is very minimal, smaller than 1/2 grain of rice, and about 3 - 4 drops at a time.

MY best guess is that he enjoys running around, and the hardwood floors is too slippery and his hurts his claws while he attempts to stop causing bleeding. My second guess is, maybe he is licking water drops off my sink and water bowl, but this is very unlikely because he won't like the side of his bowl.

I have examined his paws many times, and some nails have black in it...and I wonder if it's blood. But I have never seen it actually bleed. I was at the vet the other day and I forgot to ask him about it.

Second, my cat has been scratching himself behind the ear excessively. This was why I took him to the vet. The Vet found some (gonna try my best to translate because I am in taiwan) mold on him. He is a russian blue and his fur is thick! So I have a hard time brushing aside the fur to reveal anything, but so far there hasn't been a lot of hair falling off and nearly no bald spots.

I'd like any advice you might have. Sorry for the long question.
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the blood may be from his ear...
is it possible he has fleas?
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The blood spots, if they are on a wet spot, could be a sign of fleas.
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I'd definitely suspect fleas. You can look for flea dirt with a flea comb, but I would just suggest getting some flea medicine, like Advantage, Frontline, or Revolution, from the vet. I'm not sure which ones are available in Taiwan.

By "mold," could the vet have meant ringworm, a type of fungus?
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yes, fungi is what he meant... I kept seeing Ringworm online and referenced it to a stomach illness. The site you sent me referred to it's name as erroneous. And they are right!!

Thank you everybody, after looking up flea dust online, I am pretty sure that's exactly what it is. I will look into medication immediately!!

He is a strictly indoors cat... could I have brought fleas in on me??
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Originally Posted by Hwangster View Post
He is a strictly indoors cat... could I have brought fleas in on me??
the eggs can survive for AGES if there's carpeting... just waiting to hatch as soon as something 'bloodworthy' comes along...
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Yes, people can bring fleas in. They like to ride in on our socks and pant legs. My indoor cats will sometimes get fleas, especially in the summer, so I use Advantage to prevent an investation during the warmer months.
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I don't have any carpeting, all hardwood I just got me some frontline. Administering..... NOW!!

Holy Moly, Russian Blue Fur is so thick. it was hard reaching skin to apply the medication....
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My cats are indoors and this year I am doing Advantage for the warmer months. I have come to learn that our indoor cats can get fleas too. Not as often but it is a possibility.
Hopefully the vet can take care of the fungi.
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Hardwood floors can harbor flea eggs, too, in the cracks between the boards. Of course, a new, sealed floor shouldn't have that problem.
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