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Which Internet Provider are you using? =^.^=

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i get online so many hours in a day, that i really need to know what other IPs are working well with other folks out there.

i used AOL before. i terminated my services with them for charging me three times for stuff i did not order. They used my card on file without my permission. It is a good thing the bank i use rapidly investigated those charges and i got my refunds.

Next is Earthlink. It constantly disconnects me, and resend emails many times over to my friends and family.

Currently i have Earthlink, and Qwickconnect (just recently subscribed to this.) i will terminate Earthlink soon.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Do a net search for ISP "your city" You will probably find a whole bunch to choose from. Im useing FamilyVidio offered by a local vidio store. It works as good(if not better) as my MSN did at half the price.
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i did.

i surfed the net for other possibilities. Several weeks ago, i emailed to my friends to get their opinions as well. Just wanted to get more feedback.

Thanks, binkyhoo for responding. Your feedback is appreciated!

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I gave up dial-up for Road Runner, a cable connection.
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i have not heard of Road Runner before, Deb.

Thanks for your response!
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I have a cable connection, through my local cable company, Cox.
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I too have a cable connection through Comcast. I also still have Compuserve, since I had signed a three year deal with them a while back; it just expired last month. I am going to look into a service they have called "bring your own connection", which keeps the CS service but cuts the cost more than in half, since I am using cable instead of their dial up. I couldn't switch during the service agreement period, but I can now.

I love the cable connection, and would NEVER willingly go back to dial up service!
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i have comcast.
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We use Cox cable. If you ask me they sometimes kind of suck, but that is my opinion. There has been times it has gone out for no reason. We keep getting emails from them saying that are going to suspend our account because we download too much. Hubby is thinking of switching from personal to a business account.
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Thanks, Kat and Sue for your responses. i am really happy to receive more feedback.

Sue, sounds like you use the computer a lot.

i am not computer-savy (already revealed to Jenn, Heidi, and Deb.) but love to surf the net.

i guess i shall get offline to prepare lunch.

Take care and smiles!
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It all depends on what area you live in, as to the quality of the provider.

I have had Adelphia 2 times, I did not and do not enjoy it at all! Adelphia is known as one of the worst BB providers.
I've had Verizon DSL which was GREAT, couldn't ask for me.

I've had a bunch of dial up companies and they are really all about the same, you get what you pay for.

Check out this website, it's great! Type in your zipcode and it will tell you what services are avialible in your area, and reviews of the service from people who live in the same town, so you can decipher if it's a good buy!

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Road Runner rocks! We have had it for 2 years, and have had very few problems. When we had dial-up, we had the best luck with Earthlink.
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I checked the reviews, on Cox. It seems that their service in Maricopa County (where Tigger is) is bad and the service here (Pima Co.) is good. I have no complaints. For broadband, I have a choice of Cox, Sprint or AOL. After the screwing we got with a Sprint cellphone, I don't want anything to do with them and AOL - Feh!
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Thanks, for your feedback, Princess Purr!!

Katl8e, i concur with your with regards to AOL -- i doubt i will revert back to them (they kept sending discs asking to "come back to AOL."

Tigger, i wish you the best for scouting for a better internet provider. It is no fun to have a bad one (i, for one, can attest to that.)

Angel -- thanks for being an -- again! i will definitely read more on your recommended site...

Krazykat2, thanks for your input as well, i am going to quit Earthlink -- they resend too many of my past messages.


Here is a joke i just heard:

Martin Short to Carrie Fisher : How many dresses do you have? Hundreds? i only have 4.

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Road Runner Rocks!
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