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What am i?

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I am new here and i am A Foster Mommy. I found like 5 daygs ago a box on the side of the road so of cause i took them in! One of them look like this all the other are grey tabby black and black and white!
Help me to find out what this lil one is and if it will keep the blue eyes for sure!
Thank you so much!

one more

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Its a seal point and white domestic shorthair. More then likely the parents were either pointed or carrying pointed and one of them had white.

And yes the kitten will keep the blue eyes cause he/she is a pointed cat Very pretty.
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What do you think should i get her spayed or she i get a litter of her?
I love this kittie it was love on first site!
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I see the Seal Point in her
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Originally Posted by Heidi2001 View Post
What do you think should i get her spayed or she i get a litter of her?
I love this kittie it was love on first site!
She's gorgeous but the problem with getting a litter of her is that you don't know anything about her genetic background. There are many color point cats like this in shelters all around the world, and unfortunately, breeding a random-bred cat would only promoting this problem :-\\

If you really like this coloration, look into buying a purebred cat from a breeder to get yourself acquainted with the breed. Some of the breeds I can suggest are Siamese, Tonkinese, Himalayan, Ragdoll, Snowshoe and Birman.

Research these breeds for a bit, and if you think their standard temperament would fit into your life then consider buying one from a breeder, either a kitten or a retired adult. From there, if you own the cat for a few years and find yourself ready to breed, start talking to other breeders. Find out where to get breeding stock, the cost that goes into breeding any animal.

I just don't agree with purposely breeding a random-bred or "mutt" cat. These cats are everywhere and there are so many that are homeless and will be put down because they are overpopulated.

On top of that, you would have to know the genetics of male you breed to this Color Point DSH that you are fostering and see if he carries the CP gene, after all, it's recessive.

If you plan on keeping her, get her spayed. Breeding a cat can take years off its life, and I'm sure you wouldn't want that for a beloved pet.

Good luck and pretty kitty :-)
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I see were u coming from. And i will definitely get her spayed. I know as a Foster mom how it is!!!!! And it is a lot of " MUTT" kitties out there and they are all pretty and sweet!!!!!
I have 13 cats right now and just 2 of them are my own so and one Mommy cat with her 5 babies and then the ones i found 5 days ago!
I see i see and im definitely agreeing with the breed standard and to get informed that is very important!!!!!
But thank you very much for ur earnest opinion!
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It looks like a seal point siamese to me (i have two of them) with mittens. Now, I've seen the snowshoe siamese kittens to look like the kitten you have, but since you found them abandoned in a box, I am thinking that it's a mixed breed.

Regardless, it's a really very sweet looking baby you've got yourself there, and thank goodness you stopped to see what was in the box. I bet she/he is happy and warm now with you

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Just as an example of how common such coloring is, take a look at my "shelter cats" videos of the last two weeks. There is one gorgeous kitty there that has had no takers, so far.
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I know what u mean!!!!
I would keep them all if i could!!!!!
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She's gorgeous!

I would absolutely get her spayed though as soon as she is old enough. It will help to ensure that she lives a long, happy life with you
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awww what a beauty! good call on getting her spayed
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