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9 Kittens, 8 Days

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Ok, here are the pictures I promised in the help with pregnant stray thread. 9 Kittens and a bonus of my adult cat Charlie who decided to get into our beach bag this morning. The kittens don't have names yet, because its still hard to tell the black ones apart.

They are getting really cute, especially when they are all sleeping in a pile with legs and faces sticking out. They still don't do much and can't walk very well, but that will come in time.
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what cute kittens. they look like they have varying amounts of white on them to tell them apart but hard to tell when you can't see all the kittens or the whole kitten.
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They are adorable! I'm glad all mine looked completely different from each other and were easy to tell apart.
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9 kittens??? All from the same mama?

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Yes they are all from the same mom, same birth. I have no idea if there is one father or not as she was a stray (I think she was abandoned because she is a very friendly cat).

One of them still has his umbilical cord attached - about 1.5 inches long. When is this supposed to fall out? They all seem to be nursing and are pretty vocal when I pick them up. I had no idea newborn kittens were born with nails, so its been an interesting experience.
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So neat!

Not sure about the umbilical cord, I'm sure someone will come along with help.

BTW- you're doing a great job!!

It seems that I've heard that mama's litters can get bigger with each pregnancy. If that's true, and since this is such a large litter, I would suspect that this isn't her first. More likely, she's had several. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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I don't know if she has had prior litters. She is a small cat and seems like she is nearly a kitten herself, but there is no way for me to know. One thing is for sure, she won't be having anymore kittens. I am getting her spayed as soon as I get these kittens adopted out.
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Nine kittens is so many, my goodness! I had a litter of 7 once about 10 yrs ago, and that was a lot! I can't imagine them all trying to find a nipple to they fight for a nipple? I remember at about 2 weeks old, they got really protective of "their" boobie and were clawing each other away from eating.

Your momma must've been absolutely huge with 9 babies inside. Hope she isn't still hanging to the floor!

Will be keeping an eye out for more pics! They are absolutely adorable!

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How precious!

Black cats are my absolute favorite

I'm sure some of the experts will be along soon with advice, but I'm wondering if you might need to supplement with some KMR since there are so many kittens, to make it a little easier on mama cat and to ensure that they all get enough to eat?

Thoughts anyone?
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