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Hello. New person with question.

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First, I'd like to say hello. This is my first time here. I have a question about my cat, Kismet. We just recently rescued him from a shelter. He is 1 year old. About 2 days ago we had him neutered. Everthing went very well. However, he now smells like spray. I know he hasn't sprayed because we've been home with him all weekend. I'm not sure if it's the open wounds from the surgery and if it's common after having a cat neutered. His litterbox also smells of urine and spray. He had a very strong odorous urine before being neutered as well. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know. I would be eternally grateful.


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Hi Erin and welcome!

Hope you will stick around to read the articles and the forum pages. They are packed with knowledge with regards to kitty care!

Thanks for rescuing Kismet -- my Venus is a rescued kitty as well.

i suggest Earthbath's totally natural eucalyptus and peppermint shampoo for cleaning kitties. i am not associated with any of the products i recommend, i just like them!

As for your problem, i hope the following website will answer your questions:


"Another common form of territorial marking, urine spraying, is often stimulated by new visual or olfactory cues introduced into your cat's environment. If your cat can see or smell a visiting cat outside the house or is confronted with new furniture or a new pet or person in the household...this could be sufficient stimulus for your cat to "spray" in an attempt to define boundaries and confirm their social standing."

"Urination outside of the litter box should not be confused with spraying. Owners are dismayed to discover their normally well-behaved feline depositing urine in inappropriate locations. It is important to rule out a medical problem involving your cat's Lower Urinary Tract as a cause for the problem.

A trip to your veterinarian for an examination is recommended to rule out the possibility of infection or some other inflammatory condition involving your cat's urinary tract.

It is possible that your cat could be "marking" and breaking its litter training simultaneously, although they happen for different reasons. Check out the Feline Behavior site for more information."

This product helps to curb spraying problems (Feliway), please read :


i hope all is well with you, and take care!


From another newbie
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That smell is quite common after a neutering. It is all the old chemicals leaving the body the only way they can now through the urine. It will dissapate in time, and in the meantime, you can buy an ionic air filter such as citykitty makes. Here is their website. The unit works great and even comes with fragrance crystals!

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Thank you both so much. You've definitely put my mind at ease. I will definitely have to check out the ionic air filter suggestion.

Thanks again!
ErinD and Kismet
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That's the cheapest ozonater, ionizer I've ever seen. Is it battery powered? I don't understand the fragrance part, though, since ozone gets rid of all odors and you add a scent after it's turned off.
Does the wall get dark near it? Ionizers can cause the dirt and dust particles to stick to walls, but maybe it doesn't put out enough to do that. Just curious.
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Hi Erin,

I just wanted to say hi! I am originally from Solon and now live in Huron. I like the west side of Cleveland-we like to go to Rocky River and eat at Max's Deli. Hopefully, your cat problem will be solved. It was nice of you to have taken in a shelter cat.
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Hi Cind11. Max's Deli is about a five minute walk from me. Kismet was doing better until he developed an allergy. We're not quite sure what he's allergic to, but we think it might be catnip. Poor litle guy. He's been through a lot since we've brought him home. :laughing: It's a wonder he still likes us. Hopefully after the allergy is taken care of he'll be all better and not have to go to the vet until the next shots are due.

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