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Travis proposed at home on December 8,2006-while I was still in my PJs and he had gotten home from "Christmas shiopping".

Here's the link to my story with pics of the ring
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Reading some of the responses reminds me of when my step dad proposed to my mom. It was Christmas Day 1989 or 1990 (foggy on the year) anyways he had little notes with clues written on them. The last one said something along the lines of "Go look on the Wilma arnament on the tree". One Wilma was an engagement ring tied around Wilma's neck. Of course she said yes and the rest is history.
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I have the dubious distinction of receiving the most unromantic proposal most people have ever heard.

We were living together, and had started talking about buying a house. I was in the shower shaving my legs at the time and he came into the bathroom and said "You know...I've been thinking...if we're going to buy a house we really ought to get married." I still have the scar where I cut myself. (I was in such shock I didn't was a couple weeks before he brought it up again. It took him another three months to talk me into it.)
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There was no proposal here. We already knew we wanted to marry each other so we figured why ask the question when we both already knew the answer... Then we got married! It was wonderful!
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my partner proposed to me, on 1 knee in the snow!
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I had to also do the it's now or never to my husband.. We have known each other for years as friends and years later became more than friends. I had been living with him for 2.5 years and finally asked him to make me an honest woman. He was cooking and when I asked, and the pots and pans crashed to the floor.... Geeze I thought he was never going to commit. We got married 2 months later.

We have the best marriage! We are best friends which makes it even better!!!!!
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Rob and I took the day off work to spend together (and run some errands! We worked at the same job then, but his last day was 4 days later). It was our 2 year anniversary We went to dinner at an Applebees one of our friends works at, then drove out to Isle of Palms (my favorite beach in Charleston!). In December around Christmas, he told me we should go for a walk on the beach at night some time, which I thought was a great idea. I actually had no idea he was planning on proposing!!

It was February 5, and about 35-40* out on the beach! But the skies were clear and there were a bunch of stars. We walked up and down the beach, talking about how we knew we wanted to be with one another for life. We had brought a blanket with us in case we got cold. He "dropped" the blanket, to use as an excuse to get on one knee. He had the ring box in his pocket, and asked me I couldnt have asked for a more perfect moment!!!

A year later, we spent our wedding night on Isle of Palms in a beach front hotel (this time it was 65-70* at night in February!!)

He bought the ring when we were Christmas shopping right before his bday/Xmas in 2006, then asked my parents for my hand while we were there over Christmas (he sent me out on errands with my brother so he could get them alone!)
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On the beach at sunset! I LOVE watching the sun set over the coast so it was perfect.

Here's the short

We were actually down in Captiva Island vacationing with my family. We were supposed to be there all week (and I guess he was planning to propose there) but on the 2nd day my family verbally attacked him (calling him worthless, judgmental, saying he would abuse me in 5 years, etc etc) so we ended up leaving late at night, in a really bad storm 2 islands out from the coast, very scary. We drove as far as we could while staying awake and stopped at a Motel 6 for the night, lol. The next day we drove to a friend's house in Clearwater to stay there and go to that beach for the rest of our vacation. Well those next few days were horrible...all I could think about was him breaking up with me b/c of what my family did!! I was so scared! I guess everyday we went to the beach he waited for the sunset, but it kept raining and was too cloudy for a sunset. The last night there we were at a restaurant on the beach with our friend eating dinner, while blessing the food my bf also prayed for a good sunset (umm, that's an odd request!). Well, we got a perfect sunset, he proposed and our friend took pictures of the whole thing! It was perfect! I only wished I was dressed nicer than what I had been wearing at the beach all day, lol!

Oh and I knew it was coming soon and every time we went anywhere I wondered if that would be the night.... Well the night it actually happened I wasn't expecting b/c I never thought he would do it in a public place!!

Here's a couple of pics! (can't resist sharing the pics, sorry )

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Awwwww, what sweet pics
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