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Question for married/engaged people

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How did he propose? Or for the guys, how did you propose?

I know my boyfriend is going to propose soon, which has me wondering how everyone else got asked.
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Ahhhhh, but you assume its the man's responsibility to propose!?!?!?!?

DH and I were living together and we decided to move from Chicago to Houston to start a new life together. Being the practical person that I am, I decided that it would be more convenient to have the marriage license (health insurance, mortgage, etc). So one night I made a list of things we needed for a wedding:

Cake: Roberta
DJ: Mike
Invitations: Nancy
And at the bottom, I wrote down December 30th.

The next day we were out shopping for a van. We were going to buy one to help us with our move. In between dealers, he turned to me and asked: "So December 30th huh?". I said "yes". He said "OK".

So in a way, I proposed to him and he accepted with a simple "OK".

Yes, we're unconventional people. He originally won me over in a poker game.
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the wife found the engagment ring,i had picked up.
and asked if it was for her. i said yea i guess if you want it. lol.
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He muted the TV, looked over to me, and said "Would you marry me?" As we were kind of planning it to when he finished school, I said "ok". We went back to watching TV. It took two more other occasions for me to understand, he meant for us to actually set a date and do it. I love him but he's always leaving out important information in his questions.
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We were together for 4 years when he proposed. He asked for my hand in marriage first from my parents.. then while we were at home one quiet evening he got down on one knee and asked. It was very simple and sweet
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Ahhhhh, but you assume its the man's responsibility to propose!?!?!?!?
No I really don't, I just know thats usually how it goes.

Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
We were together for 4 years when he proposed. He asked for my hand in marriage first from my parents.. then while we were at home one quiet evening he got down on one knee and asked. It was very simple and sweet
Thats what I would like him to do. Something small where its just the 2 of us. People have been giving him all these weird suggestions though. He was telling me last night some of the things people have suggested. One girl said over the pager at work (I work at Zellers so that would be embarrassing). Another said to do it while naked. That would definitely not be romantic at all.
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My s/o never "officially" proposed to me. He just surprised me one day by getting me the ring. He told me I HAD to go shopping with him (which was when I figured something was up, but it didn't occur to me just what it was) and while we were out shopping, he said he had one more stop to make before leaving the store, and steered me in the direction of the jewelry counter. Then he proceeded to say, "Pick out the ring that you want!" So I did, and here we are..

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DH and I met on the internet. But he wanted to propose in person. Since we were states apart we only saw each other in person every few months. I figured he would ask on one of those times.

When I came to MN for vacation (3 weeks), he took me out to eat at a nice local restaurant. While we were getting dressed, we were playing an alphabet romance game where you had to start with A, etc. and give a romantic word - like A = Adorable, B = Beautiful. We took turns.

So we got down to R's - and he said "Read"...I was thinking "whats so romantic about Read"...then he says S is for Screensaver"...and again I didn't get it. So out of frustration he said.........Read ....Screensaver.

I started laughing cause I didn't have my glasses on so how could I read the screensaver. I put them on and went over to the computer.

He had asked me to marry him on the marque sign that was running....I had to read it twice as I caught it in the middle
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A very wise professor used to tell me, "I chased her until she caught me."

I think that just about applies.
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Lets see....has been almost 19 years lol! We had picked out the ring, I just didn't know when he picked it up. He picked me up for a date on a Friday night, and before we left my parents house, he handed it to me and asked me to marry him. Mind you, we met the last Sunday in April of 1989 and were married in May of 1990, so we didn't waste a lot of time, lol!......But you know what? I'd do it all over again
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We were planning on getting married this summer. but last spring my husband had a job change. It was actually my mom's idea to go ahead and get married because we were going to move out of state. We went and picked out our rings, then that night we were watching tv and he muted it and took my hand and put the ring on my finger and asked if I would marry him. It wasn't fairy-tale, but it was still sweet.
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We got engaged on our birthday (yes, we have the same birthday!) July 29, 2007. We were in Hazelwood, Mo (we had planned a trip to the St. Louis area to see six flags, the water park, the zoo, etc that week)

Here's the link to the story!http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...hlight=engaged
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I got tired of waiting and I proposed to him. I got on one knee with a ring I bought for him and asked him to be my wife. LOL He said he'd be the best man/wife ever and that was almost 12 years ago.
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When I first started dating my husband, he told me after our second date that I was the woman he wanted to marry. I knew a proposal would be coming sooner or later, but just didn't know the specifics. He ended up proposing after he had surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed. He was all drugged up and I thought, whatever sweetie...there's no way you are going to remember this tomorrow...but he did! We ended up going ring shopping the next day. We got white gold bands as commitment rings for each other rather than going the traditional engagement ring route. It was cold and raining the evening that we went ring shopping, so we ran into his house to stand in front of the heater and warm up. The heater happened to be in his bathroom and that was where he got down on one knee to propose "officially". Haha! Not exactly the most romantic proposal imaginable, I know, but it is quite fitting for us. We be crazies! We got married a year later and have now been married almost 6 months. We're still very much in the newlywed stage. Awwws!
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I was proposed to and had no idea it was coming, it was very romantic and in a wonderful place on a trip we took
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DH treated me to a weekend away in Sydney at a fancy hotel for Valentine's Day and organised for us to do a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. He'd told the people running it what he was doing, so once we got to the top, they told us to hang back for a minute, while the guide dragged everyone else away to give us some privacy.

DH got down on one knee at the top of the bridge and asked me to marry him He'd asked my mum for permission beforehand, so when I rang to tell her she already knew - and had already told everyone else in the family apparently
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I "kinda" got a proposal.

I had picked out a ring at a show, then when my fiance wen to get it, they said they couldn't get it anymore, so we had to start looking again..

As I work for a mall mangement company one day while at work I was in a store sadly looking at rings (I LOVED the ring that they said they couldn't get) and told the woman the story, and she said "oh, I'll find it for you" and asked for a pic, so I went back to my office and printed out a pic and gave it to her... three hours later I was calling my finace saying "meet me at work your buying my ring today!"

5 days later on the way home from a road trip we stopped and picked it up, when we got home he handed me the box and said "um..., will you marry me?" as he stood next to me... VERY unromatic
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I know my husband was planning on buying me a ring for Christmas, but he hadn't officially popped the question. He kept joking about having me go on a treasure hunt Christmas eve (when we had a house full of people for dinner) and make me find it with clues. I actually thought he would probably get cold feet and not get it, so I wasn't really expecting it. The night before Xmas eve, he comes home from work and goes in the livingroom. I was making dinner and not really paying attention to what he was doing. A few minutes later he comes in the kitchen and says he got a new ornament for the tree and I should check it out. So, here on the tree was a silver bell engraved with the year ....complete with a diamond ring. My first thought was "oh, how sweet, he even found one with a ring" Then, I realized it was a REAL ring, and I just started crying. DH, who was standing in the door watching, just started laughing and said "I take it the answer is yes?"

The funny thing is, the first time he proposed was almost 10 years before...in a bar. He actually got down on one knee, and asked "will you marry me?". The music was so loud, I misunderstood him and thought he said "Are you mad at me?" so I said "NOooooo!" I guess that is probably why we didn't go out very long that time. This time he made sure to turn the TV down!
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Well when DH asked me to marry him I already knew he was going to ask me. He just had to pick out the ring first. So once he got the ring he just got down on one knee and asked. It was so sweet even though nothing too exciting was planned!
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Everyone has nice stories. My boyfriend made the last payment on my ring on Friday but hasn't given it to me yet. I don't know what he is waiting for. I really wish he would give it to me. I picked it out about a month ago but I forget what it looks like.
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I was returning from a week long trip. I was exhausted beyond belief. He picked me up at the airport with roses (sweet, but I'm just not a flowers kinda chick...they just die and I usually forget to look at them when they're alive). When we got home, and I just wanted to unwind, he did the whole "Will you marry me?" thing. Took me totally by surprise. I told him I had to think about it. Not exactly the answer he expected! We did get engaged, but it was a rough, rough time in my life with a horrible job and my mother's cancer coming back from remission. So we called it off because we both knew it wasn't the right time.

Fast forward about a year. We were in a jewelry store, kinda shopping for wedding rings (we were just looking), and I found the perfect one on clearance. Hey, I'm all about a bargain! So we got it. Right before the woman rang it up, I looked at him and said "So I guess we're officially engaged, huh?" And that was it. So much for the romance!
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Well the first time around 20 odd years ago, I just popped the question. This time I booked it all up at the registry office, and put the paperwork in an envelope which was hidden in the Christmas tree. It was the last thing Linda expected to find thats for sure
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While I'm not married, I have been engaged twice and proposed to a total of 3 times.

The first engagement was over the phone. My b/f and I had been living together for a couple of years and he was in sales and travelled. One day he called me from where he was and during our conversation he asked me to marry him.

I said yes. Never had a ring. We just knew we were going to be married.

We had a date scheduled for the following March, and I had some planning done, not much. But on Halloween he was out of town again, and I had been thinking long and hard about my decision. See he was very mean and cruel, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally and psychologically. Plus he was a compulsive liar. I finally woke up and realised that I didn't want to be married to him for the rest of my life and that I deserved better. So I broke up with him the same way he proposed...over the telephone. Only by that time our phone had been disconnected (it was in his name) because he hadn't paid the phone bill. I had a new phone connected under my name, but didn't give him the number, instead I called him from a pay phone at 7-11

The second time I was engaged I had a ring but no date. Again it was an informal proposal. I was at my b/f's house and he said something about "we should get married", I said "You think so?" and he said "yeah". I said "Ok" I didn't want a fancy expensive ring, so we went to a local pawn shop and found something smaller and cheap. I still have it. When we broke up I wanted to return it, but he didn't want it back. I don't wear it mainly because my fingers are too fat for it, but once I lose weight and it fits again, I'll wear it on an alternate finger.

The third proposal was from a guy I had been seeing for a couple years. He was separated but not divorced. His "ex" wife lived in another Province with a guy, but they hadn't gotten divorced because neither one wanted to be the one to initiate the divorce proceedings or pay the expense of a divorce! Anyway, he asked me to marry him one day while I was at his house. I told him no because he was not free to ask me that seeing that he was still technically married even though their relationship had ended some 5 years earlier and she had been living in another province for 3 of those years. So he asked me to move in with him and again I said no, for the same reason. We broke up not long after that. And I'm really glad that I hadn't uprooted myself and given up my apartment to move in with him.

I don't think a proposal has to be planned and formal. So long as the 2 of you love each other, even a quiet understanding that you are getting married is enough IMHO.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I don't think a proposal has to be planned and formal. So long as the 2 of you love each other, even a quiet understanding that you are getting married is enough IMHO.
Thats what I keep saying to him. He could spend all the money in the world (if that was possible) and propose or he could ask me while sitting on the couch watching tv and I would be just as happy either way. The proposal doesn't matter as much as knowing that I am going to spend the rest of my life with the person I love.

He wants to tell his mom before he proposes, but he doesn't know how to bring up the subject. I said he should just go up to her and show her the ring and tell her. It's not like she is going to say no you can't marry her.
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He didn't. We sort of just decided when we were getting married and left it at that.
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We just got engaged in february this year. We were away for a romantic weekend and he dropped to one knee while we were walking along the beach. He had then arranged for champagne and flowers to be in our hotel room when we got back. It was lovely!!
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On the way home from a movie in the pouring rain, we were dancing goofily to the music playing fromthe speakers and he suddenly dropped down and proposed.
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Hrmn... I gave my man the "it's now or never" line! We've been together for the best part of 6 years and he wasn't going to do anything about it, so I did! We were at home in front of the NFL on a sunday night (it's broadcast real late on this side of the pond) - 14th October last year..... just out of the blue during a commercial break, I just turned to him and said, "Right, you've had long enough to think about it, so it's now or never". He said "ok... so now it is then!" So no proposal....

But he did take me out to buy me a ring - not something he had to do, but he thought that seeing as it was official, it would be nice for me to have a pretty ring to go with it. We've chosen our wedding rings, and I'll be picking those up for us at the end of this month
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With us I hounded him for a long time about when we were gonna get married. Finally I quit buggung him and it was more or less "Ya wanna go ahead and get married" kinda thing from him. and on 12-16-01 we had a small family wedding in my dads backyard.
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It was Christmas Eve 1983 and we were at his parents house opening some presents. He left the room and came back with a shoebox sized wrapped gift. I guessed at this point what might be in that box and it was an engagement ring. He said "do you want it?"
Not the romantic phrase one wants to hear!! But I think he wanted this to happen in front of his parents as he is the baby of the family. The next day we drove to my parents and I kept the ring hidden from them for a few minutes at least before I sprang the news on them!!
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