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If you REALLY support the troops

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Heres an idea - help them by sending them stuff...

Operation Shoebox

They are in need of supplies such as deodorant, toilet paper. I am thinking of participating.
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I read somewhere on the net this morning that the government was trying to discourage people from sending donations and that the only mail should be from friends or family. Can't recall where I saw that. In my local Wal-Mart, there is a barrel set up for donations to the troops.
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Kellye, what a fantastic program! Thanks again for sharing this with us.
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OMG Kellye!!! Thank you soooooo much for posting this! I've been looking for something like this!

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The people who are coordinating this have 5 children in the military.
4 of them stationed in Iraq and one of them in Hawaii. They were interviewed on NBC.

I think its a good cause though. I havent seen anything in our local stores for donations.
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Yes they said last night that unsolicited mail is being held back in search of hazardous material and only mail from family and relatives are being forwarded on.
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I have known people who have been bringing stuff that the troops supposidly requested, to the Red Cross. And from there they deliver it.
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now how on earth can they tell by looking at a return address if someone is a friend? If my S/O were overseas, how would all the people that the mail has to go through know that we were dating? We don't have the same last name.

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I don't know Colby, just reporting what I heard over the television.
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That seems like a good idea, but i heard the same thing about mail.
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If you have a local USO, you can make donations there, too. In our local paper yesterday, they were asking for gum, beef jerky, toiletries, baby wipes, stamps, and stationery. If you can, please donate something, even just a little. These people deserve our support.
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One of them had mentioned tear drops, which I think is a good idea, specially with that sand storm coming up!
The baby whipes are good, for those who can not take a shower. Very practicle
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I have contacted the coordinators of Operation Shoebox via email and asked them if that means we cannot send stuff thru them anymore. I will let you know if I hear from them.
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Let us know what you find out! That is a very good idea if they will alllow it. Thanks for checking on it and for posting this!
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I received an email from them:


Thank you for your support and interest in Operation Shoebox. I do not have confirmation on what was said on CNN. I live on a military installation and no one has told me that. (I am Mary's daughter-in-law)

If you'd like to send items to us, we will still send them to the service members. Our website has the PO Box.

God bless our men and women proudly serving our country.
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Thanks for letting us know what you heard back!!
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