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I am sorry

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But, I gotta give this little boy a big squeeze, he deserves it We picked Minnie and Milo up today from the centre as we were away for just one day. Minnie did not really care less, but Milo was over me like a rash when we got there. And for the last few hours he has been outside, but keeps running back into the house, bounding upstairs to me, and virtually dives down on the floor and rolls about giving off little meows. A few tummy rubs later and off he goes again. They say a dog is mans best friend, not in my case

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awwww way too sweet...
great shot
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He's adorable
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Thanks, me and the wife missed them like mad, and that was just being away from them for one night Still I think they are glad to be home now, what do you think?

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Yes indeed they look very happy to be home!!!!! You have beautiful cats!
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aww, sooo adorable!
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