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Normal Peeing Behavior?

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When my 6 year old cat does not get what he wants or he does something clumsy, he pees in the litter box. This could be right after he just peed. E.g., if I tell him to get down, he cannot go outside the bedroom, or it is not feeding time, he pees. If he falls while jumping, he licks himself and then goes to pee. This is recent behavior (3-4 months).

Does anyone else have a cat who does this? Why would he do it? A nervous habit?

I am not complaining since he uses the litter, I just want to understand since he has not always done it. Thanks!
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Funny - it's the kind of thing you'd expect from a puppy! But what kind of cat do you have - some are very sensitive to criticism (or anything else!) and just have to make a statement that way! I'll presume he doesn't have a problem otherwise, or I'd suggest you get him checked for a URI.
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When I put a flea collar for the first time on my Ni, he got very upset. He ran to the litterbox and peed. I never put a collar on him again.
I am not sure if this behavior applies to your cat though because this was really sudden not a gap of 3 -4 months like your cat. Yours could have urinary tract infection.
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Thanks, all.

We checked for UTIs (has a history) when it first started. That was not it. He only does it when he is refused something and is near the litter box (in the bedroom). He does not do it when he is in another room. Maybe he is like a puppy. He does like water and to be scratched behind the ears.

His breed is ASH. Perhaps he does it if he is "embarrassed" like falling or getting refused. Who knows! As long as it stays in the litter box I am all right.
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