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I'm tweaking the site today, forums included, towards using a new ad delivery system, which should be more efficient and fast, among other things.

As part of this, I am changing the templates on the forums to incorporate new ad positions and making them more in theme with whichever skin/theme you're using to browse the forums with. You won't be served more ads on forum pages, nor will there be more space used up, but it may appear to be that way at first, because I am sort of highlighting the ad area with the forum skin colors and re-arranging positions. As always, our subscribers can turn the ads off, but I do respectfully ask everyone to avoid using ad blockers while surfing TCS. If you're not a paying member, then the ads are paying for your time here, so please respect that. Thank you.

An additional change made, is to the nav bar at the top of the forum has been changed slightly, with some items, such as the cat pages, cat games and FAQ changed position.