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My cat is constantly making this Prrrrp noise. My friend has told me that the noise is called trilling....Does your cat do this??
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All my cats make that noise. I think its like a greeting noise. And by the way i think Prrrrrp is spelled with 5 r's not 6.(just kidding,That was an good attempt at feline-ese )
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Yeah my Asim does it all the time. Some cats do it others don't
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Just FYI cats are capable of making 100 different sounds. Some are heard by our ears, others are just heard by other cats...

*these facts brought to you by Hissy purveyor of odd facts and cat trivia..*
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My Siamese's do this,it is so sweet!
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Spike does it too... it's just so darn cute!
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Both of ours do it a lot. It is cute.
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my kitties make all kinds of funny noises. they love to talk :LOL:
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all my kitites (3) make this noise! It's one of my favorite sounds!
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We have one who does a variation - brrrowmp! It is so clear, I think if I looked hard enough, I could see her lips smacking on the "P" sound. The other three only ever say mwaaaa!
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Yup! Both of my girls do it. I love it, especially when they greet me that way .
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