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today was my due date

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My baby was due today. I had an ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery because my tube ruptured on september 11th and today was my due date. I have 3 healthy beautiful children that I am grateful for but I am feeling a little sad today.
My husband actually gave me Raven 1 month after that happened on october 10th, he picked me a black kitten because of all the blackness I was feeling.
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Am so sorry of your loss. Just give your kids and kitties and hubby a little extra hug today - I'm sure they will do the same for you
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Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. (Today's kind of a down day for me too.)

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Aw hang in there sweetheart It's ok to feel sad about your loss- i know i would be a little down too! But try to cheer up a bit- maybe give your kiddos and furbabies a little extra hug tonight

A nice bubble bath and some chocolate always makes me feel a little better when i'm blue too

One thing you might want to do to honor the little angel you lost....when my cousin lost her baby a while ago, she said that she wanted her little ones name to live on -so we all got together and decided the best way to honor her memory was to take out a little memorial fund at St. Jude. Every year on the date of her birthday/passing we make a small donation to St Jude. My cousin really likes the thought behind it because it honors the little one she lost by allowing other children to benifit from the memorial set in her name. That way her little legacy lives on. Even though she wasn't with us long -it gives us a way to celebrate our family's little angel and do something positive to honor the date she went to heaven. Maybe it would make you feel just a little bit better to do something similar in honor of the little one you lost
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I'm sorry. Give some extra love to your kitties
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I'm sorry about your loss.
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Awwww, I'm so sorry
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to you today.
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I'm so sorry
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