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Help! Need Sleep!!

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I have an issue with my awesome cat. First, a tiny back story; my wife and I have recently split and we also split our two cats. We thought this was best as they never got along anyway. I kept the very hyper, monkey like Egyptian Mau while she took the timid, shy, smaller calico who just couldn't handle the rambunctious nature of the Mau.
Soon after, my 4 year old mau started waking me up every morning at 5 am with a routine of face rubbing and loud meowing. She normally likes to curl up and sleep right in my chest, but now she starts doing this and it will last for about 10-15 minutes which is just enough to keep me from falling back asleep. Is there anything that I can do that would help her with whatever stress she is going through and also help me sleep again>?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Its going to be tough, but ignore it. If she doesn't get a reaction, she will eventually stop. Thats how I broke one of my boys who would give me headbumps to wake me at 6AM!.
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Thanks, thats what I figured. I forgot to mention that she also has bitten my chin a few times during the face rubs. Not aggressively, but it is startling.
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I don't know if this will help but my kitty would sleep right by my head and I didn't like keep getting fur up my nose! So i tried to get him to sleep further down the bed, as I like him on the bed. I used one of his kitty blankets that he loves and put it where I wanted him to sleep and I put a little cat nip on it for the first time to make it more inviting and he slept where his blanket was! He sleeps by my legs every night now! Bless him. Good luck with it. I agree with the ignoring of him trying to wake you up. Also, I feed my cat wet food mainly but always have some dry food out that he will eat when he wants. Maybe if you put a little snack down before bed, then if he wakes and is hungry then there is something there for him without having to get you up!
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For one thing, be sure not to feed him immediately when you get up. Wait until later, so he doesn't associate the two things.
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