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Cirque du Soleil

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Have you ever been to a cirque du soleil show? I'm thinking about buying tickets for my boyfriends birthday, but they are SO expensive. I've been to two shows in the past and i know that they are definetly worth the money but... yikes...the money! For regular seats its $90 each... for the super awesome seats and the whole experiance where they have a lounge with food and beverages its $215 each! and unfortunenely thats what i want to do! sheesh!!!
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I've never been, but I'm hoping someone takes me for my birthday....maybe I should drop some hints at him
Good luck getting tickets, that's an awesome birthday gift, no matter which tickets you get.
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I saw "O" several years ago and I'm actually looking into a Vegas trip fo rmy first wedding anniversary in June. If I had to pick ONE show to see I'd probably make it Cirque
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Ooooooooooh, yes. We've been to two: Quidam and Varekai, and are planning on seeing Corteo this year -- need to get off our butts and get tickets! They are sooooooooooo worth it! It's just a totally first class experience from start to finish -- and you don't need to spring for the best seats, either.
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For that kind of money, I'd go to see Jimmy Buffett.

Not a fan of Cirque.
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I think they are brilliant. I have seen them twice in Las Vegas and twice in London and I would go again.
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I never see the Soleil Circus..... I figured is a great show!...
A couple of weeks ago I went to see the Tihany Circus that is installed on my city!... I wondering if you heard before of this circus?...

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I saw my first Cirque du Soleil show (Varekai) in San Diego a few years ago. I saw Saltimbanco, in East Lansing, this past March. I will probably go to every show that comes to Michigan...they are SO worth it!!! I've loved both of the shows I've been to! What a great gift!
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