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Monday! Any plans for today?

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I've been at work, had a driving lesson and I'm relaxing on here now.
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I don't have to go to work today, so I'm very pleased about that. I need to go to the pharmacy to get some medicine for my dad. He's sick with the flu. Then I need to come home and clean house most desperately! Exciting stuff, right?! I guess that I also need to fit studying for finals in there somewhere, but do not want!!!!
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I am going, to empty out my oldest's room. so we can put down new carpet this evening. We put carpet in the other kids room yesterday.
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At work right now...but at home I will be working on my moms & my hubbys moms mothers day gifts That'll be fun! Thats about it! Its a relaxing day for me today...
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i have no plans! i think ill spend the day on TCS and watch the fosters run around before i have to give them back tommorow.
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In Mexico, we celebrated the Day af work on Thurdays 1 of may,... so today is a "normal" work of day... any plan? be honest nope.......
thanks for ask my friend!...
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I started my new job today!!! (yeah, slightly excited since I haven't worked for 3 weeks and I was feeling a little lonely)That was my only plan for today, but I couldn't sleep this morning/last night so now I am really sleepy and I am going to bed early tonight.
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Took a nice catnap this afternoon after working all weekend. Going to do a little cleaning tonight.
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We spent most of the day outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. I worked with the horses while John worked on his motorcycles.
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