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Daily Question 05/05/08.........=)

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.....Good morning friends,.......Mr Mooday is here,....Bit late but here,.....
Ready for the daily question:...

Have you ever had a unexplain experience in you life like to see a UFO or a Ghost?……would you tell us please?

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Yes I have when I was 16. I was at a fair on a ride and saw a ball of lights moving very fast in the sky. My friend sitting next to me saw it also.
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I have not. I have had an experience when someone was walking in the house and no one was there, but a friend, me and the cats and it wasnt any of us walking. It freaked us out. (that smiley cracks me up LOL)
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Good Question!! When I was a child, I seen the same ghost 3 different times in our old house. He was a gentle ghost, he wore a black robe, & had salt/pepper colored hair. He just floated around the was cool to see & it was a neat experience! I'm so happy that I got to experience that!
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Well, thanks for your replieds my friends,...
Let see what I can tell you...

Unfortunately, I never see a ghost by myself... but when I was a child around 10 years old Mom & Dad must to go out for a funeral of a friend of the family and I was in charge of my little brothers of 6 & 4 years old.... we are watching the TV at the main room so succendly we suffer a blackout around my colony about 20 minutes......when the light back there aren´t TV channels available yet so we start to playing some card games on the floor but we are lie on our hammocks, my brother of 6 years old went at the kittchen by water to drink, and we are goofing about to see his game ( the cards ) so inmediatle HE come back as a demon running, and jump over the hammock with this face!...we ask to him "What happen, what are you doing" he cry and Swear that he saw a Soldier in the door the backyard of the home standing smoking a cigar with a sad face........we turn on all ligths and of course we didn´t see anything,.....HOW can guess he that was a soldier, because he had wearing helmet boots and all dark green clothes, he can saw that he was hurt in his arm....... We close all doors and windows (as if was raining ) and wait to Mom & Dad......NEVER was saw it again for nobody at home...........I didn´t has directly the experience but my brother now still swearing that he saw it!.....

that´s my answer at the question of today....
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A slightly more religious thing for me...

It was a few weeks after i saw passion of the Christ, a time in my life when i was struggling with my religion. I couldn't sleep and i got up to get a glass of water. I was 100% awake, as i got up i looked over in the corner of my room and the devil figure, in dark roabs, hood up, wind blowing, was standing there. I reached up and held my cross necklace and i felt calm, walked out of the room, got my water, and went right to bed and fell asleep. It wasnt till the next day that it sank in that it was standing in my room and i got terrified, and wouldnt sleep in my room for weeks
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Last thursday morning I was on the first landing of the house upstairs because I`m painting the stairs. The light on the next bit up started flickering and I was waiting for the bulb to blow but it didn`t.

Not long after, out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a black figure going into the nearest room to me. I thought it was odd because I`d just seen that resident down stairs so I went down and there she was sat in a chair!

Going back up I bumped into the manager and told her I thought someone had just gone in that ladys room so we went and looked but it was locked. We went in but no one was there.

Someone else has seen a figure sat on the stairs on the cctv but there was no-one there then either.
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Nope, not that I can recall.
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I've had two as a matter of fact.
One was at my former place of employment. I thought a coworker was sneaking up on me because out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone pass by the swinging doors, so I thought, I'll get him first, so I snuck out the door and went around to scare him and noone was there. I checked the whole store kind of weirded out and there wasn't anyone in the whole store.

The second one was just recently, here at home. I was talking to a friend on the phone and all of a sudden, I hear knocking back by my bedroom. I knew noone could get to the windows because they are so high, but I distinctly heard it in the room not outside, so I went to look and nothing was there. It happened again after I left the room and sat down in the livingroom. The cats were in the dinningroom and in the livingroom so it wasn't them either, they weren't bothered by it either time. But I sure was. My Hubby and I also on occasion smell roses in the house, but we have no rose bushes near our house. It's weird.
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Ghosts! The first time I was ridding in the car, my dad was driving, and all of the sudden we saw this shadowy girl standing in the middle of the road (it was dark out). My dad swerved the car and I screamed. He asked if I saw her and I said yes!!!! He turned around and no one was there. Then we saw a cross next to the road and later found out a young girl had died there in a car crash!

There were a couple other times I saw a ghost, but that was the most freaky!
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I've never seen a ghost, but my mom, sisters, brother & I heard one walking around in the neighbor's upstairs apartment when no one was at home, when we used to live below them. The neighbor lady who lived there did tell us that she saw the ghost several times, after we told her we had heard it walking around. Pretty freaky..

My ex-husband and I once saw what we thought might be a UFO, moving back & forth across the sky, when we lived in Utah..

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I've had so many paranormal experiences that it would take all day to tell about them all. Ghosts seem to look for me.
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me no. Well UFO's yes. but that is just cause i did not know what they where.

ghosts, naw. just about every one swears up and down that my grandmothers old house had lots of ghosts and they had stories.
but i never saw anything
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I haven't but my 17 year old daughter has seen ghosts, since she was about 2 1/2. She has no fear of them and describes them in great detail. when she was 7, she came in the house and described a native man, with feathers on his head, that floated. he had no legs. she said he told her to go in the house. As she was telling me this I heard the screech of tires , there was an accident on our front yard. We live right at an intersection. It creeps me out. Since we lived in this house , she has describe an old man, we recently found out that an old man, very much like she described. lived in our house, he caught himself on fire, in the kitchen, and died a few days later.
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no, nothing for me.
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