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Really thick nails

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Had a thought after reading another thread but didn't want to hijack it...does anybody else's cat's have one or two REALLY THICK claws? My mom's cat has this huge nail that's totally gross to look at and when we go to clip it, it seems to affect her more so than the other nails. The best way to describe it would be that it doesn't really narrow much from the base. It's still curvy and has a distinct tip far away from her paw pad, it's just really thick and not sharp. It's always been like this since she was a tiny kitten. Is there any harm to her having the really thick nail or do i just need to be more careful with it?
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How old is she? This is something that happens a lot in older cats, particularly if they aren't scratching on posts and such as often--basically the nail isn't shedding as it should. Cat claws are like onions--the outer layer is supposed to peel away. When it doesn't, the claw loses its sharpness.
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My cat Buster has very thick nails on all his paws. In fact, it's so thick that I have to take him to the vet to get the nail clipped professionally. I can't do it myself.
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Older cats (after 8 yrs old) usually have thicker nails that may be harder to cut. And its more on the back feet then the front ones. Regular nail clipping will help. I do know that Spooky had some thicker nails after he was 10-12 yrs old. But I didn't have any problems cutting them
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