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Sunday's DT

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What is say? What to say! It is Sunday March 23,6:30 AM and I am wide awake again!What do you think about the US, GI,trying to kill his own people? GOD it is bad enough we are loseing people to the war,but to kill one of your own!I hope they fry him!
What plans do you have for today? Me I don't have any idea!
Have a good day!
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I've been up since 3:15. That is waayyy too early!

Going to a "support our troops" rally, at a VFW post, this morning and to visit Mark, this afternoon. Sunday afternoons are the only visiting times. I have a birthday card and present for him. They won't let me bring him a cake - no outside food allowed. I guess they're afraid I might put drugs in it. Yeah, right.

It will be warm and sunny, today (around 80). I love it! My stiff, achy joints are loosening up and I haven't had to take any pills, for several days.
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I just have a huge list of chores and errands to do today. If I do just a couple of them, that will probebly be about it. Its been raining here for a week. today finally got some sunshine. The song birds are starting to come back and Binky is glued to the patio doors.

Kat8e-have fun at your rally
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I have to go to the beach and get 24 rocks. I'm teaching a rock painting program at the library Tuesday night. Fun, fun, fun.

Then I have to do some Chemisty homework and study math. Great. A fun day indeed.
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It's 4:20 PM here and I finally got to the computer I've spent the day taking Ron to the doctor - turns out he has an ear infection not very bad but it was enough to wake him up constantly at night... I was so tired I slept in I didn't want to miss my workout though, so I left Ron with his Grammy and went to the gym as well. At last the baby sitter has arrived and I hope she can keep him calm and happy for the next 3 hours or so. I'm not sure she can manage to - he's a bit grumpy because of his ears.

Waiting for a phone call from one of Israel's leading newspapers. They want to run a story about me doing cat behavior counselling I hope I can manage to sound awake enough :tounge2:

Sounds like a lot of you have a long list of chores as well If I had to choose one, I'd join your rock gathering outing Jenn
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anne - how exciting -- hope the newspaper interview goes well. also hope ron's ear infection heals quickly!

jenn - good luck with the homework and such (chemistry - ugh).

cindy - hope mark is doing well.

sherral - i don't know what to say about the gi other than i am shocked. what would make anyone do such a thing?!

no plans here today. it's gorgeous outside again. will open windows soon and then relax, i guess.

take care, all!
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hi all,
finally got a big breakfast that i have been craving for
cleaning up around the place so that its easier to move to our new place, theres so much to throw out
once again, I have been amazed by Peedoodles intelligence - this morning he came up to me and tapped me on the head as he usually does when he wants to 'tell' me something, and Kahu scooted off the bed, which got us wondering, so I got up, and peedoodle led me into the kitchen and sat beside his food bowl. He had eaten it all up and wanted me to refill it. He never ceases to amaze me!

its a lovely day, albeit a little cloudy, but at least its spring!!!!
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Happy Sunday, y'all!

i feel much refreshed now!! After an absence of two nights' sleep, i finally entered dreamland last night.

Thanks, Debby for your kind assistance. It is much appreciated!!

i did all my household chores yesterday. i guess i will just play fetch with Venus (she behaves like a dog a lot of times, amazing!) and do alot of reading and surfing the net.

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i'm still trying to decide if i should stay up, or go back to bed...

i woke up at 6:00 a.m. with the worst coughing fit i've had yet (i've been waking up with this horrible cough on and off for months ~!) this morning i felt like my lungs were about to collapse, either that or i was going to hurl

yesterday was an exhausting day for me, i had an extreme bout of energy (which is so incredibly rare for me) (i'm trying to figure out if it was the Xanax?)

anyways, i got a lot done : excercise, i did all the dishes, i swept, i finished most of the laundry, i went grocery shopping, i made lasagna for dinner, etc. i was fighting off pain all day yesterday, it would come and i would just 'breathe' through it, or take a hot bath, but it kept persisting, the only difference was, mentally i was handling it a lot better (again, i think it's the new meds) but today i feel like i've been run over by a truck.

most of you can do those things i listed on a daily basis but for me, i never can. usually the pain is too severe, i can't even do dishes or cook. so i'm feeling like i 'over did' it yesterday but i'm also sad that i feel so crappy today (punishment for feeling slightly okay for a day) goddamn body! damn it ! i'm so sick of it. i do everything i'm supposed to do to care for my disability, everything imaginable and i still can't make it through the day without drugs.

(le sigh)

i just want to punch someone out right now.
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Feel better, Blue.. wishing you SPEEDY RECOVERY!

Don't punch anyone :LOL: just play with your kitties!!

i love "TO DO" lists. i get a lot of things done with that. One friend of mine, Frank, always complains that his wife gives him "Honey-Do" lists over the weekends... My hubby gets an informal one on daily basis!! :laughing:

Feel better, and cheer up!!


"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

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There has been a spot of dirt in the middle of the living room for a few days now from the cats spilling some dirt from the new fern. I guess I should vacuum, but I've always been afraid to wake Darrell up, so no vacuuming gets done ever. Yesterday I complained about it and he told me that he doesn't care if I vacuum, just keep the bedroom door closed and he'll sleep right through it I wish knew that before, now I can vacuum to my heart content.

Today is my last day at work then I have 2 off, yay. I'm not so sore today because yesterday a co-worker and I found a way to beat the laundry shute at it's own game The stupid thing closes as soon as you let go of it, leaving me to lift those 20 pound bags with one arm 4 feet off the ground and punch it through the stupid shute hole! Needless to say my shoulder has been very sore this week. But yesterday we figured it out that if you put a bag on top of the opened shute, it stays open. yay, so I can lift the bags with two arms like I'm supposed to.

Hubby put A535 on my back last night, so that could be another reason why I don't feel so sore today.

It's hubby's day off and I don't know what we're going to do tonight. and suggestions???
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