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Bird cages?

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I know I've seen people here mention having birds before.. so I thought it was worth a try to ask. Has anyone ever made their own bird cage? They are sooo expensive if you want a bigger one, and they just don't look like they're worth those prices at all! If you don't build them.. do you find them cheaper somewhere?

My sister originally had a pair of lovebirds. Well, they had babies, and now she's had six in a cage for awhile now that was bought with only two birds in mind. They could *really* use a bigger one.
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I would never risk a homebuilt cage, so many wire types and cage finishes are toxic to birds and too dangerous for any hookbills as they chew on everything.

I have a mini-macaw and he has two very large cages, with stands, I paid $99 each for them, one is wrought iron, one is brass.

you can also look here, I know they have free shipping, and the nice thing is most of their cages will knock down easily for transport.

Their prices have gone up a little since I bought from them years ago, but they are still very, very affordable.
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