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Do we have a rant thread?

I was so annoyed today, that I actually wound the window down in the car and yelled at some other motorist. Not my usual behaviour let me assure you.

We were following this little budget rental car with 3 young fellars in it. As we were driving on a high bridge above a river in the countryside outside the city, one of the idiots threw 3 lots of rubbish out over the bridge. What an imbecile.

Why do people feel they have the right to foul up the country in that way. They were only young guys and we soon caught up to them at the next set of lights and gave them a piece of our minds. As we turned off I looked back and there was a police car right behind them. They would have had to have seen it as well. I hope justice was served. There is a $130.00 on the spot fine here for littering. I myself think they should be made to go and pick it up and dispose of it correctly. Well thats my whinge for today.
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Hope they got the pigs. Here, the fine for littering a highway is $1000.00.
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TALLHASSEE, FL - William McCoy Weeks, 57, and William McCore Weeks, 38, a father and son, both of Marianna, were arrested and charged late this evening with one count each of felony littering.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Law Enforcement, after receiving several citizen complaints, initiated a two-month investigation in late May of this year. DEP’s law enforcement personnel were assisted in this investigation by DEP’s Division of Environmental Regulation, the Jackson County Department of Community Development, and the Florida Department of Health.

Both father and son have been involved in the refuse collection business for the past 10 years. During this time, they have been warned repeatedly and have received civil penalties springing from violations of Florida’s litter law and other environmental regulations. A criminal warrant was obtained for the arrest of both men after DEP officers visited the Weeks’ home at 6117 Coastal Trail in Marianna and found trucks loaded with refuse that had been collected from other residences and illegally deposited in the backyard. A strong odor was allegedly emanating from the residence.

Because the Weeks’ live in and accumulated garbage in a residential area, the trash became not only a general nuisance, but a public health concern as well.

Both suspects will appear before a Jackson County Circuit judge later today. Felony Littering is punishable by up to 5 years of imprisonment and/or a $5,000 dollar fine.
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I didn't know there was such a thing as felony littering! I wish they'd impose fines here for littering. Germany used to be extremely clean, but now there is trash everywhere. It has gotten so bad that the government had to introduce high deposits on PET bottles and cans. Did you see the "litter story" in February's Cat Fancy?

"Next Time ...Flush!
Cat owner William Jenness recently was fined $3,856.47 in a case more quirky than anything.
Jenness's cat, Mitzi, received an injection of radioactive iodine at the vet's office after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Instead of flushing the cat's feces down the toilet as instructed, the litter went into the garbage and through the radioactivity alarms at a Massachusetts waste incinerator.
Mitzi's owner was charged - and promptly paid - the fees incurred by local government in their proper disposal of the radioactive kitty poop."
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Because we have so much open desert, there's a big problem with wildcat dumping. Out in the county, people have to pay for private garbage collection and are too cheap to do so. A lot of the time, these idiots have envelopes, with their names and addresses on them, in the garbage. That's how they get caught.

My parents live in the county and pay for garbage collection. In addition, my dad has a home repair and landscaping business. Once a month, he takes a trailer load of yard debris, constuction materials, etc. to the dump and pays the fees. Too bad everyone isn't like him.
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i wish people would stop littering around here.. I live in this natural woodsy wildlifey place in the middle of nowhere, but when u go to any stream, creek, river back, woods, whatever, there is always TONS of trash everywhere.. Bags of trash, old couches, refrigerators, toilets, tires floating downriver, beer bottles, old coolers, and just about anything else u can imagine.. just sitting there spoiling nature, and the worst thing is no one does anything about it! The county/township/state doesn't care, and people go hunting and fishing around this crap and don't say anything because it's "normal".. I think I'm gonna write a letter to someone..

I also hate when people throw their lit cigs out the window, it could possibly cause a fire and is hazardous (i used to do this when i was a kid but haven't for years, and i quit smoking anyhow..).. Ever since ex bf had a big gas leak in his truck I've freaked out about lit cigs =P ..
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What can I say? Some people make me sick, including people like them.
I don't normally say anything to people, unless they diserve it then I give them a quick flip with my finger, or in the case of the insane dude that tried to kill me, yeah I rolled down my window and yelled crud at him.

In Virginia your not allowed to make hand gestures anymore to other motorist while driving or you can get in trouble, it was hard to remember, down there, some driver peeves you off every time you go out, it's just inevitable, lol.

But I live in Maryland now, so it's all good!!
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I totally agree with being sickened by people using the world as their personal garbage can.

Since buying my house last summer I can't believe the amount of litter I find. Sometimes in the summer I have to pick up garbage along the sidewalk and driveway almost daily! And there is a public garbage can at the end of my street. But, oh no you can't be seen holding an empty pop can in your hands till you get to the garbage. What would the others say??

Also, I've seen a huge increase in garbage and littering around the roads near my cottage. We hold a 'clean up' weekend every summer where everyone on the road comes out and does a general clean up in the area. What really is disgusting is when people go boating and throw everything from beer bottles to sandwich wrappers to plastic bags DIRECTLY into the lake.

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Beside the cosmetic effect of all this garbage polluting the countryside, the effect on the wildlife in awfull. I have personally seen lizards with their heads stuck in cans and have starved to death, birds that have become entangled in plastic shopping bags and become tangled in trees and power lines and starving to death, and probably the most heart wrenching a huge sea turtle that ended up dead on a beach starved to death from the plastic caught in its gullet.It had lived for years (they can live to well over 80).

It really doesnt take much effort hey to take your rubbish home with you or make sure it is disposed of in the correct way. Hopefully someday the fools out there will realise what they are doing.
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I agree with you all, and I don't blame you Sue for being upset!! I hope those guys got a hefty fine for their actions!!!!
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I would have been very upset!! some people are so rude!!
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